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Top 10 Sexiest Nigerian Bachelors by Emeh Achanga

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OK, I didn’t say eligible, I said sexy. This list is a compilation gathered from people’s opinion poll, twitter,facebook, and blogs. My sexiest bachelors are handsome , appealing, friendly, generous ,rich and of course, sexy. You might not agree with this list but If you look closely, you will realize that they are sexy indeed. These are men who are in relationships, single or snatchable. lol. So ladies, fasten your seatbelt, put on some heels, throw on that sexy LBD, as we enter the race of SEXIEST NIGERIAN BACHELORS.


This dread wearing, Big Brother star game winner crept into our hearts like a thief in the night. Within a year of winning the $100,000, he transformed from a boy into a full grown man. Unarguably one of the best dressed male celebrities in Naija,he hasn’t been linked to any female though he seems to be surrounded by hordes of them.

With so many endorsements, this is one dude who has a fat bank account. Uti drives a state of the art automobile.


What is better than a rich and generous guy? DonJazzy,Donjazzy Donjazzy.The Mavin boss is a sure keeper any day any time. His soft spoken disposition, fat bank account and generous nature places him as a ladies favorite.
He is known to drive some of the most expensive automobiles, Bentley inclusive .Famous for his constant interaction with fans on twitter, this Don is one of the most loved celebs.
He has also been romantically attached to some of the sexiest women in the game, Tonto Dikeh, Toolz, Tiwa Savage. (They have all denied it)
Notwithstanding,the Don is a sexy bachelor


One of the sexiest voices in the game, FEMI radiates romance, love, care. His beautifully composed lyrics and sexy persona makes him a sure keeper. He is also well schooled,an American returnee and is the younger brother to popular comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka.

Signed to Kennis music, he just released a hot new album with a cover which has ladies fantasizing.
If we go by his lyrics of his famous song”Money”,I got money money money, I wanna spend it on you..This is one bachelor whose money I won’t mind spending. lol...


This dark skinned rapper has what it takes to make ladies want to say I do. Though rapping for close to a decade, he became a household name after his collaboration with the now defunct Mohits  Dbanj and Donjazzy.
Ikechukwu is an ideal bachelor because he hasn’t had scandals attached to him as he has been in a long term relationship with model and blogger, Sarah Ofili (his fiancee). His smooth skin and skin-cut only makes him sexier. Think of a bachelor who comes in handy with house chores,fixing things, Ikechukwu is the man. 


Peter and Paul Okoye personify sexy bachelors. With an amazingly taut bodies, handsome faces and spectacular dance moves.They are sure keepers.
I guess Peter's longtime girlfriend Lola Omotayo knows this that’s why they have one son together and are expecting another.
Paul hasn't openly linked himself to any lady though he is rumored to be in a long term relationship.
With the latest automobiles in their garage, a big mansion in Omole, these are  bachelors whose money we won’t mind chopping. After all,they sang"you must chop my money"lol


If you think Jim Iyke is not sexy, show your face. Lol. Despite his seemingly aggressive nature, Jim Iyke is every ladies fantasy.”The bad boy’ factor makes him endearing as ladies are constantly devising new means of taming him. The sad fact is, most give up after discovering he is
One of the biggest stars in Africa, this bad boy is not only rich, he is a fantastic dresser, and boasts of state of the art automobiles.
Though romantically linked with American model Ketura, his recent controversial tee shirt had many contemplating on his relationship status.
As he said” Shame on us ladies if one lady doesn’t tame this sexy bachelor”


The sound of his name makes ladies catch oyi(cold).Flavor’s sexy status goes beyond the shores of Nigeria as he is one of the most `sought after bachelors in Africa. His popularity in East, Central and South African countries is legendary. Doubt it, attend one of his concerts.

Flavor got a major breakthrough with his nwa baby remix which got massive airplay on international stations like Trace, Channel O and gathered over 1 million views on youtube.
As if his sexy whine ,smooth skin and sensual lips weren’t hot enough, he set hearts racing when he kissed Tiwa Savage in his Oyi Video.


“My name is Banky W, don’t mean to trouble you” Oh Banky W, ladies don’t mind your trouble. Banky’s voice would put any lady to bed instantly. No long With his sexy dance moves, smooth and silky voice, he is one very eligible bachelor.

Though once romantically linked to Tinsel actress, Damilola Adegibte, he hasn’t been linked with anyone since then. With a truckload of endorsements, credited with discovering superstars like Wizkid, he is sure smiling to the bank and I ain’t talking change.
Word has it that he is very romantic (if you know what I mean)and generous too. One endearing thing about him is the fact that he interacts with his fans on twitter and is constantly hounded by female fans.


Let me introduce you to the black mamba hmmmn (in dbanj’s voice).The sound of his name sends shivers down the spine of Nigerian ladies. Where do I start? Ok! Dbanj is sexy, rich, appealing and he has the koko(even though some say nothing dey The GOOD music artist has all it takes to keep a woman happy.
The endless list of women who have been linked to him buttresses this fact.Though he has openly confessed to dating the very sexy Genevieve Nnaji ,it seems like the relationship hit the rocks as he is now rumored to be dating one Adanma Ininmi.
No matter the situation, Dbanj is one bachelor ladies wouldn’t mind sharing. File.Osheee


Gosh!What’s sexier than a football star with a fat account, and handsome personality? NOTHING. John Mikel Obi is most ladies dream.After compiling this list,I asked over 20 ladies to be sure Mikel  is the sexiest bachelor and they all gasped at the mention of his name.
He has been linked to several beautiful ladies,most recently, Shan George(though they said they are just friends).
Whatever the case,this sexy Chelsea star is one who got ladies swooning to be Mrs Mikel.


Emeh Achanga is the blogger behind Miss Petite Nigeria. I have to say she listed most of the guys I would have thought of. Did she miss any of yours? Is the ranking to your specs, how would you re-arrange them?


  1. Banky W is number 1!

  2. And I am fuurrrrsssstttt! Myne I love this hehehehe!

  3. I dont agree with the order oh, why is my Don jazzy so far from No.1? And Jim Iyke made the list? Really? Top 10? LOL *runs away*

  4. Mikel! Great as number 1. Peter and Paul @ 6? Not nice. Banky W 3? Seriously? HHH! His head is a perfect 3D artwork

    1. hahahhahahahah Banky 3d head..wicked.Love Mikel as no 1,Femi should be no 2 and Donajazzy number 3.

    2. I agree! Femi and Mikel are the hottest!!

  5. I definitely agree with a lot of these though they're not all my cup of tea. But there are a lot of sexy men here!!


  6. Excellent brief and this article helped me alot. Say thank you I looking for your information Thanks

  7. For me sexiness is about being handsome, having brains and being polished if you can hold an intelligent conversation with world leaders on world issues and still hang out with the boys from the old hood with no airs that is a plus only two guys do it for me here Don jazzy and Banky W. Jim Iyke's sexiness flies out the window as soon as his arrogance shows face and why are their automobiles included in the list are they are an epitome of their sexiness #justasking

  8. I thought 'sexiest' was derived from the word sex? How does fat bank accounts, automobiles and mansions relate to sex. I sure am sexy than most of them on the list. Only banky trips me.

    1. fat accounts attract the "ladies"! Jim Iyke should not be on here...but i bet a lot of ladies will disagree with you based on his account!

  9. Only person I don't agree with is Jim Iyke.. really? top 5? ohh man... no.1 for me is a tie between Don Jazzy and Capitol Femi *fans self*

    but then there is always M.I. (Yummy)

  10. The definition of sexiness is the arousal of feelings of sexual desire none of these men have sex appeal not to me at least. Handsome, dashing, debonair and all those nice words to describe fine gentlemen yes sexy big fat NO. Why is Jim Iyke on this list regardless? @Avictomama totally agree with you!

  11. I guess sexy now has a new meaning. Jim Iyke is every woman's dream? Hahaha....pls, I beg to differ. But, Mikel, oh Mikel...that guy is foine!I've had a crush on him since he first played for the National

  12. lol where is lynxx? haha

  13. How can you have a list without Lynxxxx????

  14. I agree, remove Jim Iyke and put Lynxxx as #1

  15. I'm not sure about the order either o and some of the people on there are not sexy in the conventional definition of the word, maybe as regards finances they might be sexy (cough don jazzy) we have sexier jare

  16. lol.. honored to have my list here.Thanks

  17. Choi. Flavour oh Flavour...that man can move!! I don't totally agree with the list or the arrangement but she should have found a better picture for Banky W na..

    But please, why is Jim Iyke (ugh) here and Lynxxx isn't??? Personal opinions sha...

  18. Yes, wheres Lynxx..That foine man! But Mikel...hmm...with his football legs! okay..i'll stop here!

    Jim Iyke, Dbanj, Donjazzy do not belong here sha!

  19. whats mikel obi doing here!!!!! jim iyke? nyanya nko? don jazzzy no dey dem league oh , abi u no know respect? and where is basket mouth

  20. where is Lynxxxxx.... he is my number 1, the guy toh sexy gan...

  21. This list get as e be!!! If this is all we have, I thank God for giving me someone much better, who is my husband!!


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