Saturday, November 10, 2012

Why Does He hold my hand and hug me in Public?

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This is a search #1 question that I would have thought was very open and shut? If a guy displays affection to you in public, it simply means he is attracted to you and wants you and the people around you to know it too. Most times, he would have said something about his feelings to you. If he hasn't said anything, then you have to be careful, PDAs like holding hands and hugging can also be exchanged among platonic friends.

If it is the case that you are friends with a guy and he hugs you, he may just be the touchy feely type and there may be no romantic feelings involved. If you think you may be reading too much into the person's actions, you can simply ask them?

maybe someone else has more to add?


  1. He may be trying to pass a message like " I want us to leave this friendzone" But asking him can destroy that friendship of yours.

    I think I will take the risk and ask. If you do not ask, continous feely touchy can pose a major road block to other interested admirers. If there is nothing to it, better reduce that before you block my would have been Mr Rightfrom coming.

  2. Yup... don't think too much. Ask questions! but don't turn am to interview sha

  3. True... It's alwaysssss good to ask questions. Never assume! You must ask oh.

  4. It is always important to ask questions Clarifying and verifying all the way will protect you from any form of heartbreak. Never take chances with your heart.

  5. it's always always better to ask questions
    lol@ nollywoodreinvented

  6. Ulrica Pinto-FernandesNovember 11, 2012 6:15 AM

    Wow! This post is pretty insightful.
    DH and I would ALWAYS hold hands as best friends. We just felt so good holding hands, you know. 'Twas some connection there! And years later, when we shared, we saw that we both felt the same way about the "handholding". Oh yes, and we'd hug (or hold closely) in public, too! But then, we were JUST FRIENDS at that time!!! LOL
    May be we were always more than friends, took us forever to realize that! ;)

  7. hand-holding and hugging in public means a lot. Bettter to ask why such public show of affection if you both 'think' it's just being good friends.

  8. @ asking i did ask ooooo,#sadface# but it ended a very cherished friendship i felt would have blossomed into something beautiful.All because i didn't want to go with the flow.

  9. I agree with those who said ask. the 11th law of relationships - thou shalt not assume.


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