Sunday, November 18, 2012

The New Facebook Couple's Page

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I joined Facebook in 2007 around the time I was about halfway through my master's degree and friends and course-mates were beginning to disperse after the end of our first semester. It was a way to keep in touch and also share some news with them where ever they ended up. Since then I've been in one relationship that ended and then I've got married. In none of those relationships did I use the Facebook option of displaying to the whole world, or at least to one's friends that I was "In a Relationship".

I remember that I did share pictures of my engagement ring after Atala's proposal, and also of pictures of my wedding. The sharing was to custom lists and now the pictures are hidden completely and only I can see them. That is one thing I like about Facebook, the tools it provides to help us, the users, protect our privacy if we want to. But there are other loopholes and oversabi that make me shake my head at them.

For instance, after my page became public and used to network for my books and this blog, I indicated that I was married in order to check mate some of the unwanted and unwarranted attention. Funny enough, Facebook sent out a notice to all my friends and subcribers that I just got married on the day I set that up. Same thing happened when I set up my mum's profile indicating she was married. The public blast is irritating because not only is the date wrong, you may not also want to let everyone know.

And now this new development where Facebook recently announced a new tool called couples pages, an addition to the Friendship Pages. Friendship pages has been around for a while now and if you go to your friend's profile and click on the gear icon to the right, the first option is to "see friendship". You can also access the friendship page by hovering over your friend's name and clicking see friendship in the pop up under their picture.

Mine and Vera's friendship page

With the new couples pages, users who have listed that they're 'In A Relationship' with someone will have a new profile created for them and their SO as long as both are on Facebook. What's more, if they browse to, they will be redirected to a timeline or old profile page detailing the relationship.

I don't think I'll be using the couple's page because though I listed I was married, I did not indicate to who and so the relationship cannot be linked to the new page. I wouldn't have minded the new couple's page so much, but the thing is, it is not only the users who are in the relationship that are able to see their couple's page. If you have listed your significant other on your profile, then people can visit your couple's page by clicking on the relationship listing right under your profile picture.

The couples page is automatically set up to include a cover photo if it is timeline, or one or the other's profile pictures, the relationship status (e.g. married or in a relationship since [Year]), your status messages on each other's profile, your mutual friends, pages or groups that both of you like and the events that both of you have shared or attended.

If you are listed as in a relationship and you added who you are in a relationship with, the new pages is automatic and so you cannot reject it. But there is a way to limit what info goes on there, and what people who click over to the page can see. Simply ensure in your privacy settings that your status updates can only be seen by custom people, same with your pictures. You can also set it up so people cannot tag you in pictures.

So what do you think of the new couple's pages? Have you tried it out? Will you use it and even actively share your relationship with others?


  1. Oh hell no! I'm not interested lol I don't even upload pics to FB like that anymore since I have office folks and certain family members on there lol

    FB is getting wayyyy into people's business, and I dnt like it.

  2. Hahahah internet now demanding too much info from people. I don't think I will be using it either

  3. Most certainly not. I've never indicated my relationship status on Facebook or anywhere else online. I guess I'm relatively safe from unwanted advances as I'm a middle aged woman (and men apparently run away from us)- which is great!

  4. Haba Facebook, you are becoming too greedy now. I still love my privacy. My relationship status is MARRIED, who I marry na my business o. I no do couples Fan page lai lai.

  5. Lol I agree with Ms. Enigma though, the more my friendlist has increased on facebook and the wider the range of people it encompasses, the less likely I've been to upload things on facebook. I'm always iffy about editing anything because even the smallest things get blasted through ALL your friends' newsfeeds

  6. Facebook is way too intrusive these days i stopped uploading photos ages ago especially since third parties are able to see them and to my horror download them. I was able to download my cousin's friend's photo (i am not friends with him) when it appeared on my news feed "so and so commented on a photo" i clicked on the photo tried the download option and it worked even though the person's photo settings was friends only not friends of friends...since then even my profile photo is set to private you can see it but can't comment or like it. i don't even use my legal names on there just first and an alias. I never have my relationship status but i may do if and when i get married. The couples page is just too much what next family tree page?

  7. I think they shld appreciate the fact that some things are private and shld remain so. But then,it's not by force to tell it all. It is left to each individual to give as much info of themself as they desire.

  8. Loool. Imagine my shock when I saw my name in that picture. I thought for a second that you and I now have a couple's page, and I did not even know about our coupleship. Tehehe.

    I was gonna blog about this Facebook thing earlier this week; I heard it being discussed on a talk show I always listen. The thing is crazy! Like, why the heck would I want ALL that info out there? Abegi.

  9. Facebook has come again. I don't like it and I just might vamoose from there for good.

  10. the intrusion is why I deactivated my facebook account last week

  11. I am happy we all have the option not to use it, makes it good!

  12. Hell no. Facebook and their over sabi sabi. Its just irritating. I know three people who have left facebook in the past two months.

  13. I would soo NOT use it!!! Too much info, its bad enough that total strangers just pop up from nowhere to send you messages they would not claim to "know" you and yours? Naaaah!! Would pass

    Btw what's SO?


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