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Is This For Real? Journey to the Altar Series

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Hello everyone, I'm starting a new series titled Journey to the Altar. Some of the brides and would-be brides, will share with us a brief snapshot of their journey to the altar. Our first contributor wants to remain anonymous, but that does not detract from her funny and heart warming story. Enjoy...

How did you meet your fiance?

Hmmm...I went to spend the weekend with my sister in school because I was so bored at home. She and a couple of her friends happened to be organizing a send forth for a friend of theirs so I tagged along. That evening, I got my hair done, did my nails...needless to say I was feeling like a fine girl. Being that I wear glasses, I dumped them for my contacts. Unfortunately, one lens dropped and I couldn't find it so I was left with just one 'working' eye because I refused to wear my glasses. Lol.

After getting ready we headed to Swé bar (only if my parents knew my whereabouts that night). Anyways we got there, I was having a very good time; I was high on power horse, I was very happy. In our group we were just generally enjoying ourselves and being a mess, next thing this guy comes to ask me to dance...I'm like err ok, when the guy was beginning to get in my space I practically ran away. *covers face*.

So I was sitting down, on bag duty (i.e. Looking after peoples bags cos I wasn't dancing). Then this other 'broda' comes along and asks me to dance; in my mind I was like ooohhh who is dis one again? I looked at him with my functioning eye and I'm like ok so I got up n danced with him. After a while I excused my self and went back to my sister and her friends. Since I had taken a few drinks, the bathroom was calling my name, so I dragged my sister along.

On our way back, I met said broda at the stairs and he's like excuse me, can I talk to you? I'm like sure...that is how my sister left me (she left me with a strange man) I was just there smiling like a mumu while he was talking...probably didn't hear half of what he was saying... And being theat I couldn't see properly I was trying not to squint too much. Anyways he asked for my number...I gave it to him...the next day he called me...we talked and talked and talked...those conversations were long sha. And we have been together ever since. :D

How did he propose?

We were going to see his parents one afternoon so he came over to mine to pick me. He got to my house and was like mehn I'm hungry so I quickly made him something to eat. Next thing he said he wanted dessert. I'm like where do you think you are abeg let's go jor. So on our way I started craving ice cream and I'm like please can we stop by at Oh La La to get some ice cream. Normally he would have said Oh La La ko Oh La La ni and reminded me that I'm lactose intolerant. But he was like, sure no problem. I was doing cartwheels in my mind.

We got there, the place was rather empty. But what was my cream on my mind, I placed my order, took a seat and we waited. The girl brought our orders, in between me admiring the ice cream and making fun of them on Tinsel, I saw him looking for something in his pocket. I didn't pay any attention because I thought he was searching for his phone, so all attention went back on my ice cream (p.s. Its not that I like food like dat o, ehen).

I turned back to him to see if he had found what he was looking for and I saw him on one knee, box in hand. In my mind I was like what's going on here? Why is he on the floor, I looked away for a few seconds, loaded... then it dawned on me, I'm like ehn? Is this for real? He opens the box and I see this lovely ring and he says "will you marry me?" I screamed yes, yes...:D and the rest, well...

I really had no clue cos most people will say their guys kept telling them of how much he loved them etc before the proposal so I had conditioned my mind that's oh, thats how it went. So I wasn't expecting it, cos broda wasn't even confessing any love in

What are you looking forward to about being married to your fiance?

I think it'll be getting to see my best friend everyday and always having someone to talk to.

What do you think is the “key” to a successful relationship?

Communication and Respect. I think these are very important.

When is the wedding?

The wedding is in May 2013 yay \o/

How are you planning the wedding?

Myself, My sisters, My sister in law and loads of help from my wedding planner Rubies and Emerald Events. I feel that it is extremely important to have a wedding planner/ coordinator. When I think about the vendors I have been exposed before my planner, I know she has and still brrn SAVING ME MONEY AND TIME! She has a good relationship with vendors and venues since they work on many weddings not just one, so they can give you economies of scale. They can also help you put together a realistic budget. In the end the money and time saved might be greater than the cost of the planner who knows exactly what she is doing.


Journey to the Altar series is presented by Rubies n' Emerald Events. These stories are from brides and would-be brides who have worked with, or are working with the wedding planner .Rubies N Emerald Events is an innovative events consulting, planning and managing firm. Their creative team focuses attention on every little detail about your event. 08136884717, Pin: 2A7992D3,


  1. Awwww nice...God's blessings hun.... but wot i stl dnt get about a proposal is why a lady acts so surprised and all and some even go as far as turning d proposal down! When u agree to date a person, isnt it bcos ur long term goal for d relationship is marriage? Anywyz maybe d reason why dey act surprised is cos they werent expecting it at d time it came...i guess

  2. This series is really going to be fun. I enjoyed reading this. Lol @* my sister left me with a stranger* Keep the series coming Myne. I wish her and Fiance a successful wedding!

  3. Too sweet ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...............God please do my own too. IJN

  4. Awww this is very interesting. I love the part where she was with one eye. Lol so hilarious. Wishing them happy married life. And Myne this blog keeps getting more interesting. I love the fact that everyday is a new surprise waiting for u.

  5. I love reading stories like this.

  6. Awww, I like her story. This looks like a series to look forward to.

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  8. Sweet,romantic. Lets have more Maam.

  9. Lovely story, interesting

  10. waoooh!! so interesting, will share mine very soon, 14years relationship, before i finally accepted his proposal. *wink*

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  12. Wow an interesting story.sitting down on bag
    Left me in hands of a stranger...hilarious!!!

  13. Wow an interesting story.sitting down on bag
    Left me in hands of a stranger...hilarious!!!


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