Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Do the two hearts look anything alike?

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So Atala and I got into a funny debate last night. We were discussing where the seat of emotions were and how though most of them are fired in the brain, they end up the signals in some muscle somewhere. For some they feel their love like butterflies in the tummy, and for others a racing heart is the sympton of their love. And then we went on to the fictional representation of the heart and whether it looked anything like the real heart.

This is where you guys come in. And there's a lot riding on your answers o. So in your opinion, is the fictional heart a good representation of the real one?

I don't want to bias you guys by stating who was on which side, cos I know Atala has some strong supporters here, ehen. LOL...


  1. Lol, yeah, it is an exaggerated impression of the heart. You know how in cartoons, the caricature is over emphasised, same here only the one that represents love looks cuter than the one that pumps blood.

  2. The images look similar, at least the bottom part thats in a v-like shape. The first image has been modified to look more presentable. The fictional image is not a bad representation, It is just the meaning behind the fictional image that represents a wrong meaning. The real heart pumps blood, is the core of the body, the fictional heart is supposedly where you feel emotions/love. I dont know how right that is! In my opinion, its all a matter of the brain.

  3. To me, they both look alike except for the background. I want Atala to win on this jare.

  4. No they look nothing alike. Except for the colour in some cases.

    That heart sef is not the true representation of LOVE (whatever people think love is). This physical heart reacts to what we feel i.e our emotions e.g. when we get nervous or get excited or sick etc. All I know is butterflies, goosebumps, chicken pulse lol, racing hearts, sweaty palms etc and all that jazz are mere reactions to what we feel either attraction to the opposite sex or the person we adore etc.

    In a nutshell, both of them have a different functions. One is fictional, one is real but responds and reacts to situations.

  5. This is just it with 'real' and 'make believe' things o. Colour-wise, they are something close, but the model is so cute and so 'dead', while the 'real' heart is so alive, delicate and precious!
    myne, pls don't contest bcos I love you o, but I will let Atala win for all the love and good works he is doing for his lovely wifey!

  6. i dont think the heats looks alike even though i like the first than the real one
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    thank you

  7. They look nothing alike except for maybe colour...
    So who won? Lol!!!
    Have a super blessed day!

  8. It kinda sorta does in the same way that a lightbulb kinda sorta looks like a plastic bottle...lol, ofcourse they don't look alike

  9. The only thing that looks alike is the colour

  10. Well they kinda look alike in shape...the drawn one is like a well rounded version of the real one..with all the rough edges smoothed out.

  11. Me, I think they look alike o. In fact they look alike. By that I mean there's a resemblance and we can see the "fake" one in the real one.

    Please Myne tell us who is on what side later :)

  12. The romance heart is a "beautiful" way of showing the real heart. I think the red colour does it for me, that shows the blood. Imagine if it were blue!

  13. I know how I had to sit down and learn the structure of the heart, if I had to draw this fictional one, I wouldn't have needed to even blink about it, so no they don't. Didn't they see those 3 big vessels pointing out at the top at least, when they decided to make theirs like a valley? LOL

  14. Thanks to all who commented, and as for all these Atala-supporter, why am I not surprised? LOL...have no fears though, it was all a joke and we decided to share it with you all.

    For those that wanted to know, I said the romantic heart was a passable imitation and Atala chose the side of they look nothing alike. He won, and I have given him his prize, with pleasure :)

    1. Yes o! To all those who voted on my side, I commend you for your perspicacity, sagacity and keen morphological judgment.

      Now I'm off to spend my winnings... :)

  15. Aww, I am late. There is a slight resemblance.


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