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Cayenne Dreams by Mobola

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She shut her eyes as the sun stretched its arms above her. “I’m so glad we took this trip, Mabel”

“Mabel?” she opened one eye by a sliver but her aunt was gone. She sat up and just as she was about to get up and search for her, a being eclipsed the sun on her behalf. Frowning she looked up at the being. ‘Bad idea’ her brain quickly warned. From his toes, to his toned, muscled thighs, to his broad chest, Janet gulped in awe.

“Are you a life guard? Is Mabel okay?” she managed to croak.

“Mabel.”He chuckled, and it sounded like the taste of airy milk chocolate.

“The little old lady over there winking at you?” he licked his lips in a way that made Janet want to jump his bones, right there and then.

“Yea, she’s my aunt!”

“Come with me.”He took her in him arms before she could protest or reply

Please put me down!" her brain said, but her lips uttered a soft moan.

There was a warmth in his arms that made her want to stay there in all manner of ways and positions.

She hardly noticed that they had walked away from the crowd and were all alone in a secluded part of the beach.

He dropped her then and she felt a sense of loss.

“I dont even know your name!”

“You dont need to know my name!” he licked his lips again and Janet melted on the inside, right in her middle, a warm puddle stirred.

“so what, we just stand here and stare at each other?”

“Your problem is that you think too much. Sssh”

Her heart began a tap-tarap-tap-tap kind of rhythm as this stranger inched a little closer.

He tipped her chin up in his palm and right before he kissed her, he stared into her eyes with such intent that a fire like warmth coursed through Janet, creating  a passionate need to be held.

His kiss was warm and sweet, like warm caramel,  yet heady and intoxicating.

You dont know this guy! What are you doing? Jay, you’re engaged!” Her brain tapped and wiggled around her skull.

Janet pulled back and shuddered.

“I’m so sorry, I dont know what that was.”

He chuckled and pulled her closer and kissed her again.

Warning bells jingled and jangled in her head but the passion burning inside her pushed them all to silence.

“Does he feel like I think he does?”

Janet traced his arms with her hand and a moan escaped her throat.

“Damn! Why do you have to be so foine!”

Her shirt was on the beach, his shirt was on the beach. The water, pulled and pushed around their feet, the saltiness inflaming their passion.

His arms pulled her closer and his kiss drowned her in a drunken passion.

“You’re engaged! You’re engaged! Stop now!”

Janet sighed, “Just a little more, please” nibbling on his lips and sliding her tongue into his mouth.

Mustering some courage she slipped her hands into his pants and gasped.

“Stop now! You’re engaged” 

Janet’s eyes opened as must as Eve’s in the garden of Eden.

She looked him dead in the eye, as he playfully stroked her shoulder, right through the middle of her chest, past her navel and BINGO, the softest, musshiest, loveliest part of her being, warm, sweet, wet….

“Stop now! You’re engaged!”


Mobola mostly never writes romantic stories like this, but she read a love post and decided, What the heck! Check out her profile on Naijastories.


  1. Uhm... where's the rest? *going to search naijastories*

  2. Must see the rest. Suspence? No way. Must find out what he did next. naijastories here I come.

  3. Lol @ the other comments..... Where is the rest?

  4. Myne whatsup with the wife that couldn't have intercourse with her husband for almost 1year cos she was scared of the pain?


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