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Why Do Girls Love Lies? by Tofarati Ige

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There are two ways to catch a woman’s attention! If you want to be a ladies’ man, you’ve either got to be rich, or be a darn good liar!

I know so many girls reading this would be like, what? But yes, sister, that’s the truth, and you know it.

Girls love to be told stories that are out of this world. Girls love to be pampered and made to feel very special. They love to be treated like queens, and demigods.

Girls love to roll with the big and mighty. They love to hang with powerful men, and men who make things happen.

So many girls say that they can’t date a guy who does not have a car! So what is the guy who does not have a car supposed to do? Borrow his friend’s car, and tell his lady it’s his? Hmmmm.

Girls are indeed very special creatures, and I always say that the best way to understand a woman is to realize that you can never understand her.

Women are very complex, and we may never fully understand what goes on in those pretty heads of theirs. Women could be extremely gullible, and still yet they could be as hardened as a stone.

Girls are wily, but yet they act like they don’t know shit(excuse  my English). They act all naïve, and all that, when in reality, they have more experience than we guys. Girls!

A girl would lay awake all night thinking of a certain guy, and yet when she sees the same guy in the morning, she acts all hostile.

I once dated a girl, who swore to her friends that she could never have anything to do with me. Whenever her friends talked about me, she’d hiss, and ask them to talk of better things. Hmmmn.

This same girl would profess her undying love to me, and tell me she had never loved anybody like me in her whole life. Arghhhhhhh!

Why are girls like that?

Girls love the good life. They adore comfort, and would do anything to live in luxury.

Most of the girls, nowadays, are insanely materialistic, and the only thing they are interested in his money!

Don’t get me wrong though! I love money too, but when money is your primary and only focus, then there is a flaw. Such a materialistic girl is only setting up herself for a fall.

Girls are no longer interested in your dreams, and ambitions. As far as they are concerned, that one na for your pocket. Girls!

Why do girls love lies? Girls love lies because they fall in love with their ears, so if you’re looking for a girlfriend, be ready to let your mouth spew forth sweet nothings.

Whenever most people see my book or hear me sing, they are always of the opinion that I have lots of girlfriends (I am neither going to confirm nor deny that).

The reason is because my books are full of sweet, and romantic words………… short, what ladies like.

That girl wants you to complement her hair. She wants you to admire her in the red dress that brings out all her curves. She wants you to tell her she has a smile as bright as the morning sun.

Basically, that girl wants you to lie to her! She wants you to tell her she’s the most beautiful person on earth, when in reality, she isn’t all that!

That’s girls for you! If you want to be popular with the womenfolk, you should seriously buy my books, because they’re going to make your job way simpler. Lol!

Girls love lies, though they would never admit it. If you think I’m lying, tell the next girl you see a blatant sweet lie and watch for her reaction.

She’d melt in smiles, and tell you thank you. That’s for sure!


This post was first published on Tofarati Ige is singer, rapper, poet, writer, thinker, philosopher, actor, compere,comedian, dj, empowerment activist................ etc. He says that while some might call him 'jack of all trades', he chooses to call himself a total entertainer. You can read more of his works here.


  1. so true.. we are truly complicated

  2. I don't think girls love lies. Instead, some guys lie to meet the expectation of girls. I really don't think any girl out there will knowingly go out with a guy that lies. I suppose it's best for us girls to have realistic and not unimaginable material expectations from guys. It's very easy to fake these material things. Thanks for sharing.

  3. @ Ken Allah if u tell them the truth, you will never see a naked Babe for the rest of your life lol

    1. Ah! How long can you live a lie? Anything built on lies will most likely last as long as a fling. A lasting relationship/love is built on honesty. Someone that loves you will see you as you are, accept you and make you the best you can be.

  4. A lie will only work if the guy knows he just wants to only sleep with the babe.
    Then again guys dont know babes like the truth.... years ago i once fell for a guy who told me the truth that he had been expelled from uni in his final year cos he was caught cheating in his final exams. And he had to start school all over gain...the whole soppy story. Suffice it to say i fell irretrievably in love.

  5. Sad to think that some might prefer the lies to the truth. I mean, if a person is chasing perfection, they are chasing down people that don't even exist in the first place.

  6. I hate to admit that this is true "somehow" ..... I don't think it's that women love lies, it's just that we love to hear how beautiful, sexy,.....all those sweet words that boost our egos and makes us feel like we are one in a million .

    However, there are ladies out there who will date a sincere, ambitious man...not for who he is now but for what he will become tomorrow

  7. Hmmn...

    Its true, but there are still ladies out there who will still date a guy for who he REALLY IS AND NOT FOR WHAT HHE HAS

  8. i know i'm beautiful,smart and have a great smile so i dnt need any guy to tell me that.i know when i'm looking good and when i'm not so i dnt subscribe to the belief that girls like lies.yes,i love comfort and that is why i'm working hard and smart to get it


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