Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This is Donald Trump's Obama Bombshell?

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After enjoying Obama's outing at the last debate and cheering for him to win the forthcoming elections, I didn't know whether to laugh or rant when I read about Donald Trump's big announcement gimmick. There were rumors on what it could be, from more birth certificate shenanigans, to an alleged divorce between the Obamas. Check out the video or press release below for what the challenge or announcement really is.

In summary, Donald trump wants President Obama's college, work and passport records opened. And if they are delivered to him before Oct 31, he will donate $5million to the president's charity of choice.And this is supposed to affect how people vote, he said. SMH...Donald Trump has issues sha...

And yes, it is Team Obama over here in case you missed it :)


  1. Trump needs to take several seats. I actually think he is getting senile i mean give it up already Donald

  2. Sadly, its a gimmick that might work Myne. The voting public cant seem to use logic to guide their voting decisions hence the ability of Trump to pull silly stunts such as this.

    He does it, he is a puppet. He doesnt, he has something to hide.

  3. People need to stop granting this clown audience.

  4. God bless Chic Therapy... He is just a clown wanting attention. #Thatisall

    - LDP

  5. Obama should ask for a billion dollars, present his certficate and then donaate it to a charity many people are passionate about.

  6. Donald Trump, I'm smh for the dude.

  7. Can't help thinking if gutless Trumpet was British he would be a laughing stock by now. Americans appear to have a different mentality. Racism poisons every fibre of their being including basic logic and their ability to reason. That's why this real estate (money miss road) trash still has an audience.


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