Monday, October 29, 2012

Dear Myne - How do I tell him I'm no more interested?

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Dear all, please I need your help? I have a boyfriend, and we have been dating for one year now, and our parent know each oda as boyfriend and girlfriend. I dont know what happened, but I am tired of the relationship. I hardly saw my boyfriend in the past few months. First, it was because of his youth service - he was posted to Lokoja - but now he is back and he still doesn't have my time. I had to beg him to talk to me in those days but now I am just tired of everything.

Because I am not really feeling the relationship, I want a break up. The problem is that I don't know how to tell him. Please could you help and I want to hear other people's comments. Tanx so much.

I think she should just tell him what she has said here. What are your thoughts?

*This dear myne email was edited for clarity.


  1. should just let him know, there's nothing to think about. It might surprise you to know that he probably feels the same way judging by the fact that he hasn't really made the efforts to fuel the relationship. Your happiness is key, focus on what makes you happy. Visit my It'll help you put something's into perspective.

    Hi Mayne!

  2. i agree with Myne.. Pls meet up and COMMUNICATE.

  3. Yes, I agree with Myne. I think you should just tell him everything you've written. Situations are not always as complicated as we make them out to be

  4. Talk things through, if you can. And if it's not going to work out, it's best you both realize and agree on that, so that you can move on with your lives.

  5. Nobody teaches you how to break up. My last boyfriend, he was also my first, I just avoided him till he got the message. Not nice, I know but hey, it worked!

  6. Its all been said,"just tell him what/how you feel"

  7. Just go ahead and have a meeting with him. Explain to him that you re no more interested. Don't breakup over the phone. It is a bit cowardly. Meeting him in person will drive the message home.

  8. Don't meet him in person, some men will try to mess you up so they can brag to their friends. Just text him or call him.

    1. I have to disagree with the text/ call idea.
      I would suggest meeting him in a very public place i.e. a busy restaurant

  9. hmmm is it that you don't know how to tell him or you scared about letting him know perhaps due to his nature? violence?

    If he is violent, please call or text and avoid him.

    If he's not, simply tell him like you just wrote above.

  10. The best way to tell him is to tell him.

  11. yes just say it to him. and dont show emotions or signs that says you av not made up ur mind yet on leaving him.

  12. Oh my! this is exactly what i am going through..... my boyfriend and i were friends years before we started dating which was early this year, it was all rosy had our little disagreements and all. He's got a project his working on hence hasn't had my time i have told him in simplest terms but he makes it seem like i am selfish. Got used to the idea of him not being there and now honestly i wanna call quits but don't know how to inform him....


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