Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dealing with Fruitflies in the House!

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I am usually level headed when it comes to pests but some either scare me or just creep me out. For instance, I am scared of bees and wasps, have been since I was much younger. I have this fear that they will sting me to death. Some may say that is extreme, but even a sting is painful and everyone who has been stung talks of the swelling, pain and more pain. I have seen one such person and the sight stayed with me. Not nice at all *SMH*.

So while some see bees as colorful and cuddly, but I see them as mean stinging machines, and that goes for wasps too. In fact, any big fly that buzzes will get me jumping, running and flapping my arms. I never forget to go easy on perfumes, body lotion or deodorant if I know I’ll be close to nature – like when I'm going to the garden or park.

Another set of pests that get on my nerves are those that come into the house with us. Why can’t they just stay out doors? I will most times chase some of such pests outside by opening a door or window cos I hate the thought of killing them, but if I even think that the pest is capable of transmitting diseases, I will deal with it RUTHLESSLY. Yes, cockroaches, rats, etc get no love from me.

Pests that go in groups or droves also get the same heartless treatment, how else can I get rid of them? Fruitflies, along with ants, fall into this category and I have been dealing with the fruitflies in my house without mercy. For the past few weeks since the weather became colder, they have been bothering us.

We eat a lot of fruit in a bid to be healthy, but what that means is that our trash can is often filled with orange rinds, cantaloupe seeds and back, banana peels, apple cores, etc. These fruitflies now seem to believe they’ve found a new home in the trash can even though it is a covered can.

At a point, they almost took over the kitchen and will graze as far as the living room and bedroom. And my eyes are very sensitive to their movement and so I notice them more. I tried using the pesticide we have but I have to be careful too since these flies are sometimes around food.

So how am I dealing with the fruitflies? What I have found works is that I take out the trash more regularly, sometimes daily and also I set some traps with sugar water or vinegar and the flies will fall in and drown. I’m sorry for them, but I’m more glad they’re not around anymore to bother me. is your go-to resource for everything you need to know about bugs, rodents and other household pests. You can identify your infestation, find helpful prevention tips, pest photography and videos, educational articles on a variety of pest topics, and more.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of National Pest Management Association. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. I live in Florida so that means a lot of bugs - especially roaches. I can't stand those things, I know it is irrational, but they scare me and I hate them. (actually if we are being honest I'm not fond of any insects that get in my house - they are fascinating from a scientific standpoint, but I don't want them in my living space)

    I buy the Ortho bug spray from Lowes and I go over my house every couple of months. I also don't have any pets, so I don't have to be as careful as some other people when it comes to how much I spray on the ground.

    Somehow, despite my best efforts and keeping all the doors and windows shut and food put away, those bugs still get in - but at least when I find them they are dead.

    Now the only times I have problems with live roaches is if I haven't spraying a while or if they manage to stick to the ceilings - my house's ceilings are about 20 feet at their highest point, I once had a roach that I could see was up there and was alive, but the stupid thing would not come down and I could not reach it! It was so frustrating seeing it day after day and not being able to do anything! Finally I happened to have the handyman coming over to fix my sink and he managed to get a hold of it - after climbing on top of the counters and chasing it around for a bit.

    I haven't had a fruitfly problem yet - even though I do eat a lot of fruit. But I also take my trash out a lot and keep most of the fruit in the fridge so maybe that helps.

  2. Do you have a garden or a yard? You could put the fruit remnants & other things out in a compost pile. I haven't the largest yard but I put scraps like that in the farthest corner from my house. Compost is good for your plants; even if you are not actively raising food plants, it's good for soil & better than sending it to the landfill with everything else.

  3. OMG i solved this problem with ease ... with a very holistic approach... a very ripe open banana like (half) and 2 cups apple cider vinegar. put that in bowl covered with saran wrap. Poke holes big enough for the flies to get into. They are attracted to fermenting fruit/veggies. Just let it sit there for days they will get stuck under the saran wrap and into the ACV and die. I had a horrible fruit fly problem after i traveled for a month and left bananas in my kitchen. Fix the whole problem within in days.

  4. Oh honey, you should take out the trash daily regardless. And if you do put things like beans husk, fish, fruits remains, right away. Otherwise they'll never completely go away.

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