Friday, October 26, 2012

Birthday Wish Gone Berserk By Isa

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So on the 27th of September, a day to my birthday, I made a wish. I had just found out that my 'friend-with-benefit-no-strings-attached' guy was hitting on my friend. Now I couldn't protest or confront him for two reasons. 1. I shouldn't be bothered he is hitting on her because we had agreed no emotions attached. 2. She made me swear to secrecy on our friendship that it wouldn't slip. Now there's something wrong with that also. She doesn't know he's my nack-and-clean mouth guy. She just wanted to gossip. In fact, we weren't gossiping. We were talking and his name seemed to pop-up and she goes, 'Ouh do you know..."

Anyway after hearing that rather ugly piece of information, I made a wish and a decision that day. I made a decision that once the supposed [Birth] day passes, I would end every fling and every randoms and go celibate. If I could get a zip, I would literally zip up and it would never go down until I felt it was right and with the right person. And then I made a wish that I find a boyfriend who is worthy of me and that I'm worthy of, that would love me and respect me. Not to forget, that is smart and funny and sarcastic and full of wit.

I mean am I asking for too much?

So the day came and went, birthday wishes were in order and oh my! What a throng I got (grateful to all), birthday presents were not absent as well but no boyfriend wrapped up in a bow amongst any of them. Oh well! My decision was my decision and I was willing to go through and to every length with it. I would just live life as it comes, no sex involved. Can't be too hard, can it? I mean I had stayed without it for 22 years of my life. Just 9 months into it abstaining for the rest of my life, 'till I find that someone can't be cumbersome. Right?

29th of September, I get a call from an ex. Now let me tell you a bit about this ex. We dated when I was 17 and he was the first one I did some wild, atrocious and adventurous things together with. Such as making out in church and some other gory details you don't need to know. Anyway, along the line, I realized this was someone I wanted to spend my life with and so I wanted to know what his long term goals were. (Trust me, this was way before the movie came out or was even thought of). His answer shocked me and would eventually put an end to our relationship. He told me he wanted to be a footballer.


In his defense, he told me he loves football, especially watching Manchester United Play and he would love to play ball in a club someday. I couldn't believe my ears and what it allowed sip through. I played it cool and calm until we hung out later that evening and I told him, 'Babe I love you so much but this is how far we can go'.

'Are you breaking up with me? Why?'

'Your future ambition sweetheart. I'm not cool with it. And you not willing to change it makes it worse'
Now there's a bright side to it. I'm going to let you think this over, grow up a little and when you do and you want me back, you can come look for me. I'll be waiting for you'.

Who knew her would take heed to it- especially that last part? 6 years of deliberating, my ex calls me out of the blues. He wants to talk...he has missed me...blah blah blah. We agreed to meet up for dinner at a popular brasserie in VI. After eating and having the finest beer, he took my palms in his and stared into my eyes as he told me once again, how much he missed me, and how he wants us to be together again and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me.

As sweet as the words were, I was distracted. He had grown into a young man. His cheek bone was very much visible and his jaw line was firm. He had man hair now all over face and He had become more handsome and his physical build was heavenly underneath the suit. This man was HOT! Hot! Hot! Hot!

'Isa!' He nudged my hand that he held captive a little.

'Huh?' I snapped back into reality.

'Did you hear what I said? I said let's be together. Let's make this work. I want you back in my life. I know you gave me time to discover grow up. And I have. I don't want to be a footballer anymore. I work in a well-known bank as the head of my department and I'm taking things more seriously now. Including my personal love life..which revolves around you. What do you say, can we make this work? I love you, Isa'

Those words sunk in immediately. Here I was, a moment ago without a guy to call my own. Here I was and my wish had come true...well not all of it. I did wish for a boyfriend, sarcastic, funny and he was all of that now but one element is missing. Smart.

Smart guy over hot bod...I dunno. Maybe I should just be grateful for what I have. At least he's got a job *shrug* or maybe I should give him another five years more to go learn a lesson or two from life. We are both still young at 23. Maybe then we can get married.

But then there's just one little, tiny-winy thing that's bothering me. Why would such a hot, handsome guy still be single? Do you think there's a problem I should be worried about? Or is it just my luck?


  1. I don't think there is anything wrong with having a single young guy. It might mean he knows what he wants in life. I'll say start with a close abstinent friendship to find out his true nature and life now.


  3. 23 is pretty young
    meet the parents anyway
    let them say what they think.

  4. how does she know he is not smart.. exactly and her wondering why a handsome guy is still single is why some handsome men are still single... because innocent as it may seem, people think there must be something wrong with them that is why they are single and stay away. lol

  5. Superstory toh badt...I love this blog,can't stay away!

  6. thot she wanted a guy of her own. why wouldnt he be single or was she expecting a married man? as single as she is there are also good single guys out there. By the way no one is perfect. I think God just answered your wish or prayer, too easy for you? get serious or somone else will know what to do with him...


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