Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Iconic White House and Washington Monument

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Is there anyone who visits Washington DC and who does not go see the White House? I knew I couldn't miss it, I even sent a notice to Obama that I was coming. Unfortunately, he had to meet with Hillary that day, the only excuse I would accept of course, lol. Seriously though, you can send a request through your local rep to get a tour of the White House, our timing was just off as the days we were in DC were not in the schedule.

We managed to get permission to tour the Pentagon and Capitol Buildings, post for another day. As for the Washington Monument, one just couldn't avoid it. It is visible for miles around based on where you are around the city, I just had to try to get as many shots as I could of it, below are some of them.

Visitors Center

General Sherman

White House North Lawn

Don't we just look great in front of our house? LOL...

First Division Monument

South Lawn

Washington Monument

Up close and personal

From the civil war memorial


  1. Lovely pics. Enjoy your house jare. Love your afro - you're really rocking it. Nice top too. Seems you've lost a tiny bit of weight or may be it's the black pants. Suits you.

    Something funny about that monument with the caption: "up close and personal." Lol. Don't know why:)

    1. I kept off some of that weight I lost back in February, though now after the naija trip, some of it is back.

      And now I'm looking at that picture funny, and seeing things, lol...

  2. Myne, so your plans don go far like this? Well, enjoy the front of your house with Atala, but wen I come visit we go enter inside house together.Lol!

    1. Yes, we will. This time we won't go till we get our IV :)

  3. I have to visit these places too

  4. I've been hoping to go to and you just made me want to go even more.

    BTW, I like your hair.

    1. Thanks! I hope you get to go soon, it was really a great experience.

  5. Myne the sky will not even see ur back, u guys are very cute as Mr & Mrs Atala, great match, Chao.


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