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America's Top Model Makeovers and Hair Extensions

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The makeover episode of America’s Top Model is always the most dramatic episode of the entire season. Models literally become more upset at the thought of having their hair cut or dyed than when they are actually eliminated. Makeovers are always discussed in the first couple episodes, which include discussions of the worst possible outcomes. When salon day arrives, there is certainly no shortage of tears, complaining, and hurtful gossip over another girl’s misfortune.

Sometimes, however, Tyra, the Jays, and the rest of her crew get it right. In short, if you haven’t noticed, adding hair extensions is almost always a good decision.

Allison Harvard, Cycle 12:

Allison Harvard is widely known to be a fan-favorite from Top Model. It was no surprise when she made a reappearance in the All Star Cycle. The only surprise was that she didn’t win either cycle. It doesn’t matter though because winning Top Model doesn’t seem to help your career, perhaps it only hurts it. Allison’s makeover may be one of the best transformations in the show’s history. Her mousy, awkward-length brown hair was dyed platinum blond and matching hair extensions were added for volume and texture. She no longer looks like a girl that could blend in with wallpaper; she fills up the photo frame and commands attention with her uniquely-shaped ocean-blue eyes.

Aminat Ayinde, Cycle 12:

Allison Harvard’s fellow Cycle 12 competitor and member of the final three, Aminat Ayinde, also received hair extensions that completely transformed her look. She entered the competition with an afro which reinforced how tall and skinny she is in a disproportionate way. Her waist-length extensions made her body look long and lean, not to mention photograph fantastically. The waves also accented the beautiful bone structure of her face: her perfect high cheek bones and arched eye brows. Like Allison’s makeover, Aminat’s hair extensions bring attention to her unique, perfectly proportioned facial features and draw the camera directly to her eyes.

Teyona Anderson, Cycle 12 Winner:

Hair extensions proved to be the way to go in cycle 12; all 3 of the final contestants received long, wavy hair. Even cycle 12 winner, Teyona Anderson, had extensions with tight curls added to her short bob. If we’ve learned anything from this cycle, it’s that long, wavy hair extensions lengthen your body, make it appear leaner, highlight your facial features, and draw the camera to your eyes.

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PS - Today's guest post seems to be speaking directly to me, I've been thinking of a new look for my hair. Maybe hair extensions are the way to go. What do you think of weaves and what has been your experience of them?


  1. Aminat has become a big model in Nigeria now.

  2. i started wearing weaves on and off when i was 21 i stopped wearing them last November and planned to do so for a year i am almost there but i am thinking i will not be wearing any again unless it is really necessary and even then not a full head just a few tracks sewn in between my hair. I have always had long thick hair it is 12 inches long when down from the crown(family genes) and wore weaves first because all my friends had one then later as a protective style, when i wanted short hair like a short bobcut or when i was just too lazy to do my hair.Nowadays when in between relaxers i prefer to have cornrows or braids.

    1. people always think my real hair is a weave and the weaves since i always wore short ones was my own hair lol

    2. That used to be my hair too, and sometimes I miss it. :(

  3. Hi there!
    Its been a while here and I love what you're doing here. Maybe you should try a long weav on make over with some colour highlights. Just my thoughts oh..

    1. It has been a while! Thanks for the suggestion :)

  4. Hi hi.. M here.. Kinda agrÉe with. 2cute4u.. How are you? Missed ya!sosexy

  5. lol...Why am I just thinking about Brazillian hair... that's the latest craze in naija now...

  6. I like weaves for the convenience, but it is still important to have healthy hair.What I can't stand though is people (mostly black women) asking 'Is that your hair?' What does that have to do with the price of fish in the market?

  7. I love to wear my natural hair, alternative change of looks are extention and braids not a fan of Brazilian even if it's one cent.

  8. Myne, I rock weaves sometimes and they come in very handy because it is so much easier to play around with, curl,flat-iron and the like (you have to make sure it's human hair though). Can't have you burning your tresses:).
    For your facial structure, you would need a hair type that gives you some definition. I know the norm is for long weaves, but that does not always work for everyone,( that would "drown" your facial bones). Not sure, how tall you are,but a semi up-do with layers might work for you.Just don't go the route of long weaves but if you must, get a side-part and make sure there is some "body" to the weave application.I know, I know, an epistle:).

  9. I think i only like Allisons makeover, maybe it's because she's white and it's more believable. Aminat and Teyanna just look meh to me.

    I'm all for weaves just to keep things interesting and switch up your look from time to time,, however since i started wearing my hair out getting a weave for even 2wks is almost like torture. I still get them from time to time tho.

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  11. I really like the Allison's styles and her looks. She always brought some new trends with the new extension that we have looking for.

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