Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kate Middleton Remains Gracious For Jubilee Tour

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There has been a lot of frenzy over some pictures of Kate Middleton, and her husband Prince William, but they are continuing with their tour of the Far East. I wished more people will focus on what is more important, and maybe the paparazzi will get the message that we don't need them to invade people's privacy in order to titillate us. What was there to see? A young woman enjoying some time off before going on to face a packed schedule of work? SMH...

Well, the pictures I choose to share are different and of the good work the couple are doing for their family and country. I hope Kate Middleton and Prince William do not allow the naked pictures scandal to overly affect them, because affect them it will. Still, they are both very mature and I trust that will certainly help them bear and overcome the situation. The certainly continued their tour in Malaysia even after hearing the news.

Thankfully, these pictures show that their official trip to the Far East was a success both for them as a couple and for Kate Middleton personally. All the best to them.

And to everyone, have a great weekend, mwah!


  1. As much as I agree with you that Kate Middleton is beautiful and graceful, I do think she should have known better. She is an intelligent woman. She should know that nowadays there is a camera or paparazzi at every corner following famous people around. She, as the future queen and all that comes with you, should behave with decency and decorum at all times, even if she is on holiday.
    Now, her semi-naked photos are circulating round the world. Is that becoming of any woman, let alone someone in her position?
    I may sound archaic, but I think the only place any decent lady should be exposing herself is in the privacy of her own bedroom.

    1. From the quality of the pictures been so grainy, one would know that it was taken from a very long distance.which means the couple must have taken the precaution of getting as far away from preying eyes as they could, but there is only so much you can do to protect yourself when some desperate beings are following you with cameras raised.
      What do you expect her to wear in the pool? camouflage???

    2. i kinda agree with Bambo.

      Why is there no naked picture of the Queen to date or any scandalous one for that matter? When you know that there are cameras following you up and down, you best be on your guard. Especially when you know that some dare devil cameras are only there looking for a shot to scandalize you.

      No matter how private the place was, she should not have taken off her clothes on the balcony. that's my opinion.

      And the truth is that she has learnt her lesson the hard way. She wont dare sunbath topless in a balcony ever, no matter how private.

    3. My 2 kobo.

      I expect her to wear a swim suit, tankini, 2 piece bikini something sha at the pool. No one will care for those. She put herself in harm's way.

      I expect the paparazzi to be reasonable and back off. I also expect her and indeed all royals - Harry I am looking at you- to be also reasonable but in a higher degree cos its your name and family reputation that is at stake.

      The papers and cameras don't give a damn, but you do so take precautions to prevent any stories that touch.

      the person was wrong to have taken the shot, but madam Duchess of Cambridge na your breast dey on display.

      Amebo Specialist.

  2. very soon, the paparazzi will look for ways to plant cameras in their bedroom. they were not really in a public place, they thought they were in a quite private place. It's like going to a private island to holiday, thinking that you are all alone only to later discover that one of the trees was in actual fact a man painted green. And he had a camera

  3. I love the pictures. The first one is so refreshing :)


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