Thursday, September 20, 2012

And So What If Jesus Was Married?

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Jesus had a wife

In the picture above is a papyrus that supposedly dates back to the fourth century and which may bear evidence that Jesus, the historical man, was married. I found out after hearing the ladies of the view debate on it that there has been a huge furor since the news broke on Tuesday. The person who was watching the show was like, "what blasphemy!" I personally didn't see it that way, I felt, "so what?"

I mean, I don't believe in Jesus as the son of God because he was supposedly single and celibate, I believe in him because he is God. He still did all that he did, said all that he said, single, celibate or not. So what if Jesus was married? Will it cancel out his miracles, all he said and how he lived his life?

Will knowing that Jesus had a wife devalue the fact that he raised the dead or walked on water? Will it mean that I won't see that the sermon on the mount was one of the finest teachings ever made? Or that I will suddenly begin to think that living like Christ is not the best way to embrace my humanity?

So let the papyrus be verified, and the arguments rage. As for me I know what I believe.

So what do you think about the news?

There are those for whom, like I said in the first paragraph it is sacrilege to mention Jesus and marriage in the same sentence, now that I don't understand, maybe someone will explain it to me.

As far as I can tell, only the Roman Catholics may have to reconsider their stance on married men and women as priests and bishops in the Church if this papyrus is proved to be genuine.

Now, the novel, Da Vinci Code begins to make a lot of sense...

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  1. so my lord jesus experienced orgasm?somebody praise d lord!lwkmdh!

  2. i like your attitude towards the research/theory...

  3. For many years people who are against the gospel have tried to discredit Jesus, even his own people - the jews. This so-called 'recently discovered' manuscript can be nothing but the handiwork of gnostic fanatics - there have been many silly documentaries that tried to explain Jesus, so this is just another. How can science explain the supernatural? the fact is that IT CAN'T! This manuscript was somebody's fairytale

    Jesus married ke? lol...This conception aims to just destroy everything Jesus stands for, they've been doing it for years.

    Whatever lie mankind keeps concocting, all I know is that truth will prevail.

    1. I don't understand what you mean. 'Everything that Jesus stands for'? As far as I know, Jesus wasn't against marriage. Why are we so averse to the fact that Jesus was married and why does it matter? Like Myne so rightly pointed out, it does not diminish the ministry.

  4. Just like most accounts written in history books, as we do not have a first hand account of events, we either believe it or we don't. Myne you are right, it changes nothing to me regarding the accounts of his works. Historical accounts of supernatural beings (Jesus the son of God, Prophet Mohammed, Lord Krishna, Lord Budha and many others) sent by God to bring humanity closer to him may or may not be fully accurate. The central focus should be God and not their marital status. At best if this claim is verified in some way, it could change the role of women in the church.

  5. here is my take on it, i still believe in jesus and all dat he stands for, and all the teachings as you clearly said so what? its not a sin for him to have been married. but here is where i have a problem if he was really married why did the earlier church feeling the need to keep that information or discredit mary magdalene , like them reducing part of the bible, give us all the information and stop doing the image control for the LORD!!

  6. What matters in every religion ate its teachings and all religions from Buddhism to Laoism, to Persian Zoroastrianism to all other ones......teach peace and the commandments are the same
    We the believers like sensationalism and rigidity and have truned the teachings into dogma....
    What happened to fearing the Creator and keeping the commandments? and we all have a conscience to help us? the world would have been a better place but man is the greatest destroyer in creation.....

  7. I always thought he was i mean he was still human afterall....

  8. What I learned was that the name Jesus is not that uncommon then. It's like how John is now, or like Jose is for Hispanics. The name itself is a variation of Joshua, which means God saves. So it could have been any other "Jesus".

  9. Same thing I said, i don't see what the big deal is, it doesn't change what he did, who He is and all that. Am sure if He did the marriage would have been perfect.

  10. Love how it was brought in by an "anonymous" collector...Hmmh

  11. Jesus got Married!! heard this before. when he was on earth,he was here as Human so i dont see any big deal ...we all hear different things from different sources..this debate would last a million life times..

  12. The most important thing in life
    Is not whether you had a husband or wife
    The crux is if you helped to end the strife
    In danger of destroying us once it's rife

  13. As a member of the academia, I'm constantly appalled at the way research findings are presented by the media to the public. Oh, ibuprofen is bad, tomorrow it is good. the findings are never presented in context but rather always in a way to create sensationalism. Do the findings apply to a particular group of people? Rats or humans? So many questions.
    So we have a centuries old papyrus that could be real or could be a forgery. Let's assume all the tests are carried out and it is deemed real. So what? Under what authority did the author write? - four centuries after Jesus! Was it fiction? Was it hearsay? Was it borne from an offshoot of the Christian religion?
    Context i.e. background knowledge of the bible makes one understand that there were a myriad of stories that sprang up about Jesus and his message – after his death.
    Paul refers to the gnostic influences, those were deliberate acts to infiltrate the church with different doctrines that would challenge the deity of Jesus or blend him in with existing deities. Others were not deliberate, Paul came to an upper country where he met some that only knew about the then stale news of John's baptism probably because they knew about the ministry of John as a forerunner for Jesus and not that Jesus had come, died and resurrected. The case of Apollos is another example.
    In the century after the death of Jesus, there were several secular, impartial accounts written about his life. None mentioned his marriage. Mind you, there were several copy-cat messiahs after Jesus, same way there were some that had come before him like Theudas and Judas of Galilee.
    This papyrus is a non-issue – a storm in a teacup.


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