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A Wedding Cake That Looks Just Like The Bride

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I have seen this picture before and I'm guessing some of you have as well. There is a similar one floating around but I couldn't find it as I posted. Who else wants a life-size doll of herself as a wedding cake?

When Chidi Ogbuta renewed her wedding vows, it wasn't so much getting spliced as getting sliced.

The 35-year-old went that extra layer when it came to the cake – by ordering a life-size replica of herself.

Mrs Ogbuta and husband Innocent , also 35, celebrated their ten years of married life with the 1.5m-tall (5ft) gateau, which was so big it took four men to carry it into the venue.

'Growing up, I always wanted a doll made in my likeness,' said Mrs Ogbuta, a mother of four.

'I told Innocent I wanted a life-size cake made in my resemblance as I would look on my wedding day.

'I searched for months to find someone who'd make my dream come true. Originally the plan was for two cakes – one of me and one of Innocent.

Unfortunately, it took five weeks to make and we ran out of time.'

The resulting butter-cream creation, which formed the centrepiece of the ceremony in Dallas, Texas, weighed 180kg (400lb) and contained 200 eggs and 7.5litres of amaretto.


  1. The cake looks nice though. Ahem...cough cough.

    Just wondering why the bride would want her guests to eat (a likeness of) her. If it was 'a wedding for two' and the cake would be eaten by just her and her husband, I could kinda understand that. But this?...*blank stare.*

    1. Why the Ahem? It was supposed to be both, but time constraints meant they didn't finish the groom. Talk about bride and groom statuettes atop the cake.

  2. I saw this a while back too and quite frankly i found it tacky...i mean a dolls head on a little girl's birthday cake is fine but this is just tacky i am sorry

  3. This is outright rubbish. Going this far for a bespoken cake is not really sensible. Check the numbers of eggs that were used for the cake alone. Do you know how many that will feed in a charity home? This is rubbish. And that was exactly what I called it the first time I saw the picture - Rubbish!

  4. Some people may be fascinated by the cake and still others find it creepy. I showed it to my husband and he made a joke about it that I won't repeat here. As unfortunate as this is, when people take certain actions like this that is what they are setting themselves up for. I don't know, I see it as a bit vain. Whether both she and her husband were getting a cake in their image or's almost like idolatry.

  5. Yeah, what she said - it's creepy. It's fine if the cake was not meant to be eaten lol

  6. Wow!! That is impressive and scary at the same time!

  7. I was so furious the first time I saw this picture and it still annoys me. Vanity, Idolatry and Conceited don't even begin to describe it...

  8. It's not fine atall, she over did it.

  9. I admire the creativity and genius that produced something like this, but eat it? NO! Too creepy is the word

  10. The only time i think this is just - if the bride was unable to attend her own wedding.

  11. I love the concept. I think it shows creativity and it's certainly okay to be different. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people have different views and we have the tendency to be very critical. It was your wedding day and if you chose to have a life size celebratory cake that resembles yourself GO FOR IT!

  12. The bride could have a life size of any other image, but herself??? Cutting up your image to be eaten by people? Ok who will eat the head? This is simply creepy.


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