Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dear Myne - Was I not Worth Loving?

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i met this guy, he told me he wants to date me, but does not want to be in a relationship yet, unless it was leading to the altar. i didnt really understand what he meant, in full context, but decided to go with the flow. He ticked all my boxes in the right places and we were dynamite together, till i noticed, he couldn't seem to stop flirting on bbm.

One moment, he was the best i could ask for, and the next i will feel like am walking on my head. i wanted to break it off but i just keep missing him.

then one day, after a date, we were arguing, he told me, if he likes my best friend, of course he can date her and sleep with her, that it is his own happiness that matters. i really took things easy with this guy becos he said ladies have hurt him, i wanted to prove to him, all ladies aint same.

one moment, everything was fine, and the next, he is telling me, that he has met someone else he will like to shag, that he is bored with our relationship and though am nice and all, but something is missing, that the problem is not me, but him... i just let him go. We dated for just 3 months. i just realized he was never worth me. But am still missing him.

I can't help but to think, was i not worth loving?

PS - This entry came in from this post - Knowing When to Walk Away


  1. sweet hrt am so sorry with wat happened with u,bt u knew right from the very start that he cant be urs....u saw the hand writing on the all bt yet u went into a relationship knowing its nt going any where..... i always wonder WHY do ladise justdont av self respect for themselves.... ans to ur qestion u re worth loving but not by this guy...he is nt worth ur time and emotions.

    1. Thank You, i saw all that, yet i went ahead, av gotten over him though

  2. you are worth loving and trust me,he'll move on from that girl to the nex with the same freaking excuse, try to get him off your mind,prAY and let God make you feel his unconditional love *hugs*

  3. Sweetie, you need to know your worth
    he is obviously someone who just wants sex
    A man will only value you as much as
    you value yourself
    Build your self esteem before you get into another relationship
    and sweetheart in the river that christians fish in, there are many good men
    You just have to let God lead you and don't be desperate

  4. My dear u should be thankful he didnt waste your time by stringing u along for yrs b4 letting u go, its sad but look on the bright side u r free to move on with ur life and date someone that wil truly love u completely.

  5. Nne, I heard one things once before that I think states it simply enough and that is that...

    Women think men are confused creatures who don't know what they want... and that might be true
    Men might be indecisive and playful... that might be true
    Men might be habitual liars and dogs.... that might be true
    But when a man sees the woman he wants... he knows it and he goes for it and he'll do ANYTHING/EVERYTHING to keep it/her

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  7. Nne, you are so worth loving, and you deserve the best! The good thing is that you know this is true, you said it yourself:

    "so i just let him go. We dated for just 3 months. i just realized he was never worth me" .

    Kudos to you for having enough esteem and confidence to let go!

    It is okay to miss him, and ask your self such questions once in a while, it is natural. But please DO NOT dwell on it. If you do, you will lose the confidence and esteem that probably took you a number of years to build.

    Your future is better, bigger and brighter! The schmuck would have ruined it! Snap out of the rot girl! think of other things, hang out with your friends, go dancing, read good books, do anything "good" to take your mind off him. With time you will STOP missing him.

    You are so worth loving, there is man out there for you, and i am sure both of you will make each other very happy!

  8. if u want to d honest truth, my first reaction was??? why are u seeking advice.. clearly u know the truth to this matter. He is just being a player. pere.

    but my soft side is awww, u will live to learn. its ur emotions that are missing him.. once u get pass that stage u are fine love...

    pls move on, he is not worth the stress..

  9. @Nollywood reinvented, you have said it all. When a man sees what he wants, he goes after it with the ferociosness of a hungry lion - player or not.

  10. Don't waste your time thinking you weren't worth loving.The young man isn't ready to have something real and you did well letting him go,end of the matter!

  11. honey pie! there are many guys like that.. he wasn't that into you from the beginning... You can try deleting him from your memory (I mean the feelings) ... you are worth loving, you really know the answers to your question. Don't waste your time... move on :)

  12. i really value all of you who took time out to reply......Thank You,Thank You, the funny thing was, he didnt waste time before moving on, to a close acquitance for that matter, that added a little to the pain......but he did me a favour, i got closer to God and am grateful...i have cut all contacts with him now.Thanks all,once again.

    1. I can as well relate to this situation. A guy I met recently, we attend the same church, he saw me in church one Sunday and looked me in the face and said, you are very tall, I turned back and I just saw his face and liked him almost immediately. I began to notice where he sits in church and I almost wanted to start sitting in the same side as him because I really wanted us to be friends but I told myself not to do that. I once pasted a business advert on my bb for my coy and people gave me a lot of contacts and funny enough the person that gave me his contact linked us up immediately in a conference chat and I just got interested in his firm and we kept on discussing the business deal till one day I asked whoever was on the other end of the line to add me on bb so we don't have to be calling all the time. Lo and behold when he saw my pix he was like finally I have seen your face and I was like what does this person mean? He didn't put his pix on the bbm so I went to goggle his name and I saw he was d same guy I was admiring in church but I wasn't so sure until he said he knows where I sat in church and how he has been trying to come and be friends with me someday and I was like GOD, this is so sweet. Our discussion became more personal than official, he asked a lot of questions about me and I also learnt a lot about him. We finally went out on a date. He was already talking about marriage and even asked me how long I would like to wait before getting married if I meet someone I loved very much. All these did not last up to a month! Why? He was always touching me and trying to kiss me. I felt I could manage it since he was also a brother in Christ I kept reminding him of the need to maintain a pure and holy relationship but he wont just stop. When I refused to let him have his way his devotion went down flat and I was so disturbed.He no longer communicated with me except I did so. I already liked this guy and wanted the relationship to continue. We had a talk and I expressed how I wanted us not to get too intimate immediately as I believe in waiting till after marriage. The last time we were together he still tried to get all over me, after much failed effort he asked if I was a virgin, I said yes and he was so disappointed, he kept pinging and watching TV with rapt attention just because I refused his passes.I was wondering what this guy really wanted from me. I told myself its time to move on and I did. I felt like asking the same question the writer asked but its obvious, I'm worth loving but the guy is not worthy of my love. It was really a crushing experience for me because as I walked away he never bothered to ask after me. He kept saying just hi on bbm once in a while and I finally deleted him from my contact for good. My dear no matter what happens to you from the outside, never let your inside down by believing you are less than what you are because of the way someone treated you or talked to you. This is my strength as my own case is still as fresh as a sore. Blessed be.

  13. u worth loving n too good for him.its not easy to stop loving cos i bin there but wit tym u wld n luk ahead cos some who knws ur worth is just there waitin for u


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