Saturday, July 7, 2012

Washington DC - A Day At The Museum 1

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Hi Peeps, hope your weekend has started off well? You won't guess where I am right now, Nigeria! But hey, nothing much to report. I'm still adjusting after the trip which took almost 24hrs, being searched after testing positive for explosives, jet lag, and many other traveling adventures. So while I settle down to write those down, enjoy these pictures from Washington DC. These were taken at the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of American History.


  1. Welcome home Myne.
    Nice pics from the museum.It is really worth the while visiting such places to get informed and knowledgeable about places and people.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. thank God for journey mercies
    did you say u tested positive for explosives?

  3. Welcome home dearie. i hope to see u this time if u are coming to abj. Pls what explosives were u carrying biko? lol

  4. You tested positive for explosives? Na wa oooo. Sorry for the stress. So how do we get to see you in Naija naa?

  5. Nooo u are in Nigeria... aaahh make sure bring me kuli kuli, chin chin and agbalumo ohh.. lol. you will post them to

    Thank God for journey mercies. May He guide you and your family..

    Have fun too. xxxx

  6. Welcome to 9ja.. Aviation security has gone GAGA the world over.. tested positive for explosives? Interesting..

  7. Thank you all, updates coming soon!

  8. Ma, whats that shoe in the Museum?

    Very interesting pictures :)

    - LDP

  9. +ve for explosives? na wa! This takes 'wetin you carry?' to another neew level!!
    Hope you have a great trip.


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