Sunday, July 1, 2012

Timi Dakolo - Love Song : Music Video Romance

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I think it was my first year living in Edinburgh and those days, as now I guess, I scoured the internet for Nigerian music and movies. That was the same year Timi Dakolo appeared on West African Idol. I fell in love with his voice and delivery back then, and he hasn't disappointed since.

In this soulful rendition reminiscent of some of his previous work, he nails it yet again in Love Song. Love Song is off Timi‘s latest album Beautiful Noise, and this is a fitting video by Clarence Peters.


  1. Timi is one of Nigeria's great talent...I loved him on idol and he deserved the win.

  2. I love it! Song and video on point!

  3. Blessings......
    I trust you and yours are enjoying your summer.

    I watched/listened to the video, its lovely and passionate though i have one comment. I would have liked to hear this rendition is his native tongue. Perhaps its me but when I listen to African people sing I love to hear the english but enjoy the native tongue best, though I cannot understand the words, the passion/story, depiction is somehow understood. I don't know if that makes sense. Perhaps its unrealistic for me to have that expectation but I must confess i do.

    I am always in search of the old music with the drums and singing in the native tongue. The Lady Smith Black Mambazo, Myriam Makeba, Angelique Kidjo are among my favorites plus a few of whom I know not their names but love the music because its so powerful, earthy and the drums, lord the drums speaks its own language that goes straight to the heart. It’s hard to come by that kind of music, sadly the younger generation is not incorporating it into their music.

    Have a blessed and joyful week.


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