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10 Things To Know About Your Man By Iweka Kingsley

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A while ago, I read an article by a woman, ‘20 things women should know about their men’. I have decided to balance things up by writing the male version of the topic. I believe men have half as much drama as women do, hence, here are 10 things, from a man's point of view, that women must know about their men.

1. His Talents and Affinities: Trust me when I say that many men like their ego massaged from time to time, as much as they want to be appreciated and commended for expressing their talents, no matter how small the stage or audience is. As his woman you MUST know what he is most passionate about and you should also provide inspiration for him to achieve more with his talent(s).

2. His Best-Friend: If your man is the very sweet and sensitive type and you ask him this, he’ll likely say that his best-friend is you; but it is essential that you know who his closest friend(s) is/are. Nothing influences a man’s thoughts, opinions, and character more than the company he keeps.

3. His Deepest Secret: As much as men seek to understand and embrace the MANY aspects of women, we men also seek to be understood. If you succeed in getting him to reveal his deepest, most-kept secret, you pretty much have succeeded in owning your man 100%.

4. His Greatest Fear: He might say that his greatest fear is losing you to death or to someone else. That may be true or it may not be, but in any case, press harder, there might be something deeper.

5. His Most Prevailing Dream(s): This may range from something as small as getting a new mobile device to spending the rest of his life in unhindered happiness with you. Know what his heart yearns for the most, understand your place in it and help him achieve it.

6. His Favourite Sibling: There is that one person in his family that he is most fond of; observe and find out who it is; get close to him or her, who knows, their help may be so relevant ( if you know what I mean).

7. His Favourite Food: Not every man has a favourite food, but every man loves his woman to know how to make food in the way that he most enjoys it. Spend time with his mother; it should help make things a whole lot easier for you in this regard.

8. His Favourite Sport: Most likely will be football, but don’t stop there. Find out his favourite footballer and favourite club. Many men are thrilled when their women can discuss their favourite sport with them and with sufficient information.

9. His Favourite Colour: Don’t helieve him if he says he doesn’t have, he does, he probably doesn’t know which. He’ll be more pleased if you often step out in colours that appeal to him. If he compliments a particular dress combination with much excitement, you probably have on his favourite or one of his favourite colours. Find out which one(s) and try to apply it/them as often as possible when you hang out together.

10. How Much He Loves You: This is the most delicate of all. You must know how much your man loves you and if you are comfortable with it. For your sake you must be sure. Don’t guess, don’t hope – just know. He will describe it in many ways as often as possible if he is sincere, but be careful to note the little things he does for you, to you, that are not pre-planned; they go a long way to say how much you mean to him. I said earlier that this is the most delicate because, every man wants to know that his woman knows how much he loves her, especially when he is ultimately sincere about his love for her.

Trust, Faithfulness and Dedication are three elements necessary for a successful relationship. Apply them and enjoy a happy, peaceful relationship.

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  1. I've read this somewhere before... so true. lol

    - LDP

  2. Nice tips for the ladies.The tips are all correct actually,and i'm saying it as a guy.

  3. really nice and so true. And it will surprise you that a lot of women don't even know these things.

  4. Cool and True tips. Thanks for sharing,it would enlighten the ladies. :)

  5. As a man I'm absolutely in full agreement with everything expressed here. Good job, Kingsley, you hit the hammer on the head.

  6. Thanks Iweka for sharing. taking notes too....

  7. I agree.......they are important things

  8. ***now stowing away my notepad and pen***

    I've seen a couple write-ups about the same topic online before but I like this one especially because it is the least superficial

  9. My favourite line "every man wants to know that his woman knows how much he loves her"..
    I agree with all the comments, very sensible list and I am definitely taking notes.. xx

  10. It scares me that my fiancee would fail if this were a test.

  11. Really informative...thanks Kingsley. I've got a head start of quite a few, buh I'll sure put in more work! #FutureHubby take note! :D


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