Thursday, June 14, 2012

Smartphone Apps to Help Block Problem Contacts

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Last week, I posted the story of the over-clingy Ex who flooded her boyfriend's phone with phone calls and text messages thereby driving the new girlfriend crazy. Some comments mentioned ways to block numbers and I went looking and I found some smartphone apps that would allow one to do that independent of who your network providers are.

1. CALL BLOCKER: With Call Blocker, you can create a Black List of specific numbers. With this Blacklist, you can block unwanted calls - reject calls, forward or reply with an auto-SMS - and block spam SMS. Among other features, you can also backup your contacts, quickly and easily erase the call history, and permanently delete SMS messages between your phone and some of your contacts. With the premium version of this app, you can even automatically move private contacts’ messages and call logs to a Private Space so that they don’t appear in the phone’s regular SMS and call logs.

2. MR NUMBER: When you and your friends use Mr. Number, you get free text messages which are faster, and will let you know when they have been delivered and read. Your friends can also see when you’re free for a call, when your ringer is off, when you are sending all calls to voicemail, and even when you are in airplane mode.

3. Barring Phone Numbers: With this app, you will be able to bar phone numbers and get rid of the unwanted calls. Filter and choose who you want to speak to. Block hidden numbers and others of your choice. Get a log of the blocked calls. The phone will hang-up immediately when the call arrives.

4. Call Control: This is a call blocker that works through Blacklisting. Easily block anyone from calling.
Block unwanted calls and text messages in a snap with Call Control.

5. BlackList Free:  With this app, you can create both a Blacklist and a Whitelist. This will enable you block SMS and calls, block unknown calls, all contacts by one option and filter SMS by Keyword.

6. Ultimate Call Blocker: This app has highly customizable filters where you can block anonymous callers who hide their numbers, block those who are not in your contacts and even block specific numbers you choose. There is also the option to trust specific numbers (whitelist) so you do not receive any other numbers.


  1. I do like using apps that allow you to block specific numbers. There's just some people that are such bugaboos.
    Unfortunately, some people just don't get the message. Blocked someone's number last week. Every time this person calls, the call is cut and the person receives a busy tone. This person does this for like an hour and guess what? They go pick up someone's phone and call me with it and are like "What is wrong with your phone? I've been calling you with my number but I always get the busy tone but I used this number and it comes through". Of course I'm thinking "go figure".
    Now I feel like I should just tell people I don wanna talk to them, so I'm blocking their number, so they don't pull stunts like that.

  2. I need one of those in my life #Big Sigh


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