Friday, June 29, 2012

Hot Days and Cold Drinks - Original Zobo

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The main pack

Some days are just so hot, you want a long drink to cool down with. I discovered Zobo while doing my youth service in Abuja and would always have an already prepared frozen pack during break periods in the school where I was a teacher. One of my pupil's mother made an awesome version with just a hint of spice and it made me go back for more every day.

You can imagine then that last year, when I heard that Zobo was being sold here in the US, I sent off immediately for an order. It arrived and there were several flavors, strawberry, lime, etc. They were all good but for me, none beat the original.

Individual satchets

A tall glass of cold zobo

So I ordered more of the original flavor, and a few days ago after unpacking from our DC trip, I mixed up one packet with water and ice, and went outside on the deck to chill out with a book.

I'm so glad we're back, I'm really loving the weather in our area since we returned, no rain, lots of sunshine but not too hot. I must confess, DC was just too hot for me, maybe I've gotten more used to this Seattle weather than I thought :)

So what's the weather like in your area, and what do you do to chill out?


  1. oh Zobo..i love zobo, i make it too a lot with different flavours..really cool that someone thought to sell it in sachets like that..very it a Nigerian Company?

    1. Yes, it is a Nigerian company. They're based in the Atlanta area, I think. So you make your own? You should share how you do it.

    2. Hello Myne,

      Great blog on ZOBO. You rock! We are based in Durham, North Carolina. You should also try the Original hot, I think you will love it!


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