Saturday, June 23, 2012

Calling my Readers in the DMV Area, I am in DC!

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Yes! I am in Washington DC, and I'd love to meet you. Yes, you. Because someone has to tell me why it is so hot here. I can't believe I'm missing the cold of Seattle :)

Atala and I are spending a few days in Washington DC for our vacation this summer and I hear there are quite a number of my readers and blog followers in this area. So if you live within the DC, Maryland and Virginia area not too far from Obama's house, and you want to meet up, contact me at

But why would you want to meet me, you ask? The following are reasons you may want to come...

1. Because you want to see me in person.
2. Because there will be your choice of drinks, paid by you of course.
3. Because you are my blogger friend :):)
4. Because you like my writing, or have some personal questions for me.
5. Because you want me to autograph your copies of any of my books!

Really, I want to meet you guys. I have already booked one or two people. Vera is doing shakara for me, somebody please beg her :)

PS. There are clues in the pictures for those in the know. Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. lol @ vera doing shakara for you

    You no gree come see us for Houston shey? No wahala

  2. me i am only coming if we are having dinner at obama's house oooo!!!

    1. LOL...Obama refused to see me o! You too?

  3. Hey Myne! Welcome to my hometown :-). How long will you be here?

  4. No fair. When will you be around my neck of the woods again? OK o!

    1. Sooner than you know :) Will keep you posted.


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