Friday, May 4, 2012

The Secret Love Letter

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If you care to know, I fell in love at a very tender age of 8 and the subject of my love was no other than the handsome bespectacled class captain Joseph Obayanju. I was a shy child and so when I tripped and fell head over heels with Joseph there was little I could do. Being a child with lots of writing paper, a pen and a good grasp of the English Language I decided to put my heart on paper and damn the consequences.

You see, it was quite unusual at the time for an 8 year old girl to declare her love for an 8 year old boy. It was an even stranger thing to see for a girl of that age to be so sure that she had found the one who she wanted to share her life with. It was therefore with this fear that I picked my pen that beautiful Tuesday during the 2nd term holidays and wrote down my feelings for the man…boy I loved.

I started out by asking him how the holiday had been then plunged right in and told him I loved him. Now that I look back I do not know what I expected from Joseph. But at that time it made a lot of sense to me and because it made sense to write the letter, it also made sense to send the letter to him, so when school resumed for the third term I was armed with my new school bag, new books and the love letter burning a hole in my bag.

I carried it like a weight, with butterflies dancing in my little belly I approached the classroom. Joseph and I lived in the same neighborhood but I felt it only made sense to give him the letter in school.

I lost my nerve to give him the letter directly when I got to school that day, but I had a brilliant idea! I would slip the letter into his desk before morning assembly. When all the students had rushed off to the assembly ground I lingered behind and without further ado slipped the letter into Joseph’s desk, unsatisfied with the exposure I quickly put the letter in his school bag and hurried off to join my peers.

During assembly I was suddenly overcome by fear,  “what if Joseph didn’t like me too?”
I became impatient, I couldn’t wait for the assembly to be over. In good time we filed back to our various classes in tune to the drums and the marching song which I cannot readily recall. Joseph got to class before me because being the tall gangly thing I was in primary school, I always got to stand at the end of the line. I need not tell you that Joseph was shorter than I.

When I got to the classroom, almost all the students were in class already, I quietly(I was a quiet child) went to my desk and sat down(at the back of the class). A few minutes later, Joseph approached me. My heart has never beat as fast as it did that day as I set eyes on his beloved face. But “uh oh” he looked upset. He came right to my desk and said “did you write this”? I looked at his hand and saw my letter. No words came out. I nodded shyly, not sure whether to be happy or sad. I didn’t have to wait long to find out what my reaction ought to be as the next words from his black beautiful lips was “I will tell Aunty Tee”.

Now the fear of Aunty Tee is the beginning of wisdom. She I dreaded. Our class teacher. Mean Woman. I was shaking like a leaf as I clasped my long fingers in a plea and begged Joseph to keep my secret and love for him to himself.

And he did.


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  1. Kai. Thank God he kept the secret ooo.

  2. The boy‘s reaction was unexpected joor.... nice story.

  3. HEhehe love letters at 8, interesting! Plus the boy is shorter than you? O what joy

  4. awww...but whats wrong with the boy I wrote my own fair share of those embarassing letters

  5. Interesting story, i like.
    The writer was obviously an early bloomer unlike some of us. Good thing the boy kept the secret o.

  6. Whew! For a moment there, I seriously worried!

  7. Hmmm so romantic! LOl. True, little kids have crushes too. I had my first crush at about four years old anyway. lol. I practically couldn't live without her. lol

  8. Wow! Such a wonderful reflection of the past. Reading it took me back to my own days in primary school. I almost felt like a fellow student in your class in this lovely tale. Such a great write-up. Thumbs up Myne

  9. ha, yeah thumbs up, but my experience, not so nice. I was in js2 and got a letter frm a fine boy in js3. Smart me, i hid in the toilet, read and burned it. Stupid him, he was caught reading my reply.
    the result: i died a thousand deaths prior to punishment and finally my back fainted from the pain inflicted by my father's whip in the evening..

  10. Lovely. Love @ 8. Wonderful.

  11. LOL "I will tell aunty Tee" good read, enjoyed it!


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