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Hidden Ville - An Upcoming Comic Series

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About a couple of months ago, one of my favorite bloggers, Mike's Frequency, contacted me to discuss his recent project. A friend of his who is an artist, Korede Awofuwa, had started a cartoon blog and Mike wanted me to check it out. I liked what I saw and Mike said I should expect a cartoon version of my FB profile. Below is the outcome of that discussion.

Since then, Mike and Korede have gone ahead to set up a full scale comic seies. Korede is the author of ‘Be the Difference’, he studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Covenant University where his love for the paintbrush grew amidst waves of complex circuits and theorems.

Korede has recently launched his company Koryarts Ventures, an artistic company that renders art services such as graphic designs, album cover artworks, drawings, paintings, handmade cards and photography works. He is launching the first product of Koryarts, a comic series titled ‘HIDDEN VILLE’ with the help of a team of creative individuals.

Genre: Fantasy, Action
Launch Date: June 2nd, 2012

Hidden Ville comic series tell the story of how a young boy named Kiba, who happens to be among seven extraordinary beings, born with supernatural powers struggles to scale through many adversaries coming his way. From difficult training sessions on how to control his powers to dealing with all forms of enemies which include villagers, warriors and even countries, his strength and character will yet face many tests. Seal comic in an attempt to take readers into a fantasy world is subtly filled with humor and can be enjoyed by all ages.

With its splendid storyline and conceptual pages, Hidden Ville is set to be an outstanding release into the market. For the comic screenshots, visit the Koryarts Blog, and watch the video trailer below.

Copies of Hidden Ville will be available at Cinemas and Bookshops in Nigeria after the launch. Sales on Amazon will follow soon after. Get Yours Now!


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