Friday, May 25, 2012

For Duets, John Legend and Robin Thicke Bring it!

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John Legend is one of my favorite musicians, most his songs are just fabulous. For instance, We're Ordinary People, is just so full of Melody. I also love guys who play an instrument and the guy is not bad to look at either. He amazed me at the Sade Concert last year where he was the opening act, and when I heard he was on the new ABC show, Duets, I just had to tune in.

It was a good call, and by the end of the show, I was glad I did and know I'll be watching more episodes. While I wanted to root for John Legend's first partner, Johnny Gray, who happened to be from Seattle, it was his second duet with Bridget Carrington, that blew me away. They sang "Tonight (Best You Ever Had)" and you could almost touch their chemistry.

That is indeed what Duets are all about. There was the call and response, their voices matched each other note and pitch and they worked that stage! The difference was definitely clear between the first and second performance, and I'm hoping Bridget stays for a while.

Another stand out performance for me was Robin Thicke and his first partner, Olivia Chisholm. They dueted on his sexy song, ‘Lost Without You,’ looking into each other's eyes, and scooting up close and personal. Wow, it was getting hot even in my living room, and I was like, "get a room already", and then I wondered, maybe I should drag someone into mine. Believe me, it was that hot, LOL...

Seriously though, I wonder how the partners of these musicians must feel. And I don't even mean about watching the show. But knowing their spouses are meeting up with these beautiful people, and singing love songs and generating biology, physics and chemistry. At least they're doing all this in public and even on TV. Not like much can happen on the Duets stage, right? Like one old man said somewhere, nothing wrong with taking that heat back home at the end of the night!


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  1. I loved both!!!
    gosh robin thicke...aah yes lord! lol

  2. Robin robin robin lord have Robin

  3. I LOVE John Legend, always have probably always will, and that song, best you ever had?? wooo!! *wipes forehead* now if only I could find a way to watch the show.... :)

  4. I'm totally in love with John Legend, he sure is one of the best (except for that weird thing about his face). Ordinary people? YES!!! That's THE song!


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