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The Bet by Rita Okoroafor

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The Bet by Rita Okoroafor  Rating 18+

My holidays after SSCE seemed boring. Mother had sent me to Port Harcourt after my final papers, and I was stuck with Ranti, my cousin. For the three months we had spent so far, our daily routine was television in the mornings, window shopping in the afternoons and evening strolls in the estate where she lived. She strolled on the pretext of seeing her boyfriend Daniel. To me, they were the most boring couple ever. All they did was hold hands, talk and laugh at things that did not make sense. Ranti said she had kissed Daniel a few times. She said they had slept together only once and after that incident they decided not to go that far again as not to ruin their relationship. Stories that touch the heart.

As for me, Port Harcourt was too boring for me. If not for how close Ranti and I were, I may have run away. If I was in Lagos, in that my estate where boys were not scarce, I would have made out with one or two of my neighbors. 3 months of being celibate was my record since I lost my virginity, and I was almost losing my mind.

One evening as Ranti and I were strolling, my eyes caught a very handsome guy. He was that type described in M&B – tall, dark and handsome. He was more than 6 feet tall. He was slim yet had a well-built athletic body. He had big brown eyes that seemed to be piercing into my soul. He was walking towards us with earphones in his ears and a knapsack flung on his left shoulder. I loved the way he carried himself. Then his lips. They were full and dark pink, yet looked firm. I wanted to run my fingers on his lips if only to know how they felt. This was lust at first sight.

“Ranti!” I had to voice out my excitement, “who is this godly handsomeness coming towards us? I just want to follow him straight to his bed!”

“Shhhh Dami!” Ranti said, smacking my arm. “I’ll tell you something about him later,” the latter she added in a whisper for he was quite close to us.

He stopped when he got to us. He pulled out his earphones and gave us the most charming smile I had ever seen.

“Ranti, ” he said in a rich, deep baritone as he embraced Ranti. “How are you? It’s been a while.”

“Sure it’s been a while. School I guess?” Ranti replied. Then she added, “Please meet my cousin, Damilola. Dami, please meet Victor, Daniel’s best friend.”

“Pleased to meet you,” I quickly said, taking advantage of the introduction.

“Nice to meet you,” he replied. His gaze held mine for a moment. I blushed.

“When did you come back from school?” Ranti asked, for which I was thankful for because I was speechless.

“A month ago. ‘Been having guitar lessons to keep myself busy in the event there is ASUU strike. You never know,” he added with a wink. He looked at me briefly then turned back to Ranti. I smiled. The realization that he was in university was even more appealing.

“True,” Ranti replied. Then she looked at her watch. “I guess we better get going, we need to see Daniel soon. We’ll probably drop later.”

“It’s alright. ‘Was with Daniel earlier today but you are most welcome anytime.” Then he put his earphones back on, waved at us, and continued his journey. He did not pay me an extra glance.

“So you know fine boys like this and you have been wasting my time?” I teased Ranti once he was some distance from us.

“Dami!” Ranti said exasperatedly.”I wonder how I cope with you. If not for our fifteen-year cousinhood, I would have left you! Since you came to PH, it is only boys you have been talking about. Your hormones are overactive!”

“Ranti, don’t digress. You hid all information about Victor from me! Please how can I get him alone in a room? I will take it up from there!”

Ranti laughed so hard. When she caught her breath, she said, “Is that all you think about? You are a case. Anyway, Victor is not that kind of guy.”

“Not that kind of guy, how?”

“He does not have a girlfriend. He broke up with his ex because she was pressurizing him to take her to bed.”

“Which red-blood female would not do that? Is he those churchy kinds of guys or is he gay?”

“I don’t know. I know he does not have flings. He does not believe in premarital sex. And if he’s in the midst of guys sharing their escapades, he walks out. His nickname is Reverend!”

“Then he’s got a problem.”

“Whatever! Just wanted you to know he is a no-go area.”

“Oh please, I want him so bad.”

“Sorry, he’s not that type.”

“Who says? Just leave me alone with him for 1 hour and you will take back all your words.”

“Ok then, can we place a bet on that? If you can get him to kiss you, I will give you…”

“What is kiss? We will go all the way please. And you will buy me iPhone.”

“Ole[i]!” Ranti said laughing. “You want me to steal? Nokia 3310.”

“When you are ready to bet, let me know. Let me pity you small, Blackberry bold.”

“I know you’ll not win so I’m okay with the Blackberry. Just get it ready because I will be expecting it same day as I arrange the meeting.”

“Better get your Blackberry ready. You can’t win this bet!”

“God help my cousin,” Ranti said rolling her eyes. Together we walked to Daniel’s house, teasing ourselves all the way.

About 2 weeks later, Ranti and I attended a party in the estate. It was a send forth party for a friend of Daniel’s. Ranti hinted me that that evening, she would arrange the meeting between Victor and me.

True to her words, she started by leaving me with Victor on the pretext that I did not have any companion. I had the opportunity to chat with him. I loved his voice, but I loved the way he asked me questions about myself. Before I knew it, we were talking like old time friends. We were lost in a world of our own and forgot about the party. His questions seemed like he had a genuine interest in me. Also, he seemed open, which I feel is rare for a guy.

About 8pm the party came to an end. I did not feel like leaving Victor. Then Ranti and Daniel showed up.

“Victor, I have to go somewhere urgently with Daniel. We’ll be back in about an hour. Can Dami stay with you in the meantime? We’ll pick her up from your place once we come back.”

“Sure, I will gladly do that. She’s such great company.” That compliment made me smile. “Come on, let’s take a walk,” he said to me with that his charming smile. I gladly joined him.

As we walked, he asked me questions about my childhood and my family that I found myself talking about things I thought I had forgotten. He also shared a lot about himself. We got to find out that we both liked soul music. I suddenly realized that strolling and talking could be fun. I was enjoying being with him, but I did not forget the bet.

He stayed in the BQ of his parent’s house, which was very convenient for what I had in mind. I felt welcomed at his place. I liked how neat the room was, and how is smelt of fresh musk. There was a big mattress at the corner of the room. There my gaze rested for a few seconds.

He pointed towards a seat in the room and made for his DVD player.

“Let me play one of my favorite songs for you,” he said as I took a seat.

It was “Whatever” by Jill Scott. The moment I heard it, I squealed, “that’s my favorite!” Before I knew it, we were both nodding our heads and moving our bodies to the rhythm of the song. I looked at him, his eyes were closed and he had a warm smile as he soaked in the music. I knew he was enjoying the song like I was.

“Am I sure I will get this Blackberry?” I asked myself . Then I remembered why I was there. I reached for my bag and brought out a condom.

“What’s that for?” he asked, a bit surprised.

“You do not do with condoms?” I asked. “STDs are real oh, and I am not ready to be a teenage mom!”

“What are you talking about?” he asked perplexed.

“Come on! You did not bring me here to look at my face? What happens when a girl and a guy are alone in a room?”

“I am sorry Dami, but I may have to walk you out of my room if you are suggesting that I sleep with you.” His tone was assertive. I could not believe it was the same Victor I had been having fun with. “I brought you here because Ranti asked me to. I cannot take advantage of the trust she has in me!”

I did not plan to give up just yet. I quickly pulled up my top to reveal my full bust enhanced by a push-up bra. I knew I had a very beautiful figure for a fifteen year old. My small flat waist accentuated my wide hips clad in tight skinny-jeans.

He shook his head and made to walk out of the room. I pulled him back.

“Touch me,” I said in a sultry voice. I moved so close to him that my bust touched his chest.

He did not move. Then he smiled sardonically.

“Get dressed Dami. You’re too beautiful to be doing this!”

“You don’t find me attractive, Victor?”

“On the contrary, you take my breath away. But it is not only your body that does that. It is your beautiful voice, your charming personality and your wittiness that attracts me to you. Your body can change but those things make you different and captivating.”

I had never heard such sweet words from a guy before. All I had heard were lies confessed in the throes of passion during the quickies.

I wore back my top and sat down. Tears filled my eyes. He came towards me and squatted.

“I did not mean to reject you, Dami,” he said concernedly.

“It’s okay Victor. I am not crying because I feel rejected. I am just touched that you are different. I thought all guys want to get me to bed. No one has ever refused an advance from me. But…neither have they committed to a relationship,” the latter I thought out loud.

He laughed. “Sleeping with a guy is not a guarantee for commitment. In fact, the more you appear available, the more they use you. But if you carry yourself conscious of how special you are, they will give you that due respect.”

“I should have met you before I lost my virginity,” I said lightheartedly, “I am sure I won’t have been as promiscuous as I am.”

“Let’s not go into regrets. Just know that you have the opportunity to do it differently from now on.” Then he pulled a spare seat and sat opposite me. “So tell me, is there anything you’ve never told anyone you would like to share?”

“That should be my secret so I can’t share,” I said with a laugh. “But if you are interested, then you first!”

“’See why I say you’re witty?” He relaxed on his seat, stroked his chin as if he was deep in thought, then said, “my first time was with our maid!”

“Noooooo!” I said and I know my eyes widened.

“Yep, when I was 10!”

“That is child abuse! Did you tell your parents?”

“You are the first person I’ve told.”

“Oh my! Is that why you don’t like it?”

“Who says I don’t like it?”

“I deduced. You did not rush me, I hear you are called Reverend, and you avoid discussions related to sex.” He laughed.

“Dami, you are so funny. I did not rush you because I see you as more than a 1-night stand. I am interested in knowing more of you and I can’t bring sex into the relationship prematurely. It would cloud our emotions. I never knew I was called Reverend. As for avoiding certain discussions, yes I walk out when boys talk about how they used girls. I think ladies should be treated with respect and value. I would not like someone talking about my sister like that so I will not engage in such discussions. And before you ask, yes, after the incident with our maid, I have been involved in other sexual relationships. But like I said, it messes up the relationship.  I would rather wait until I am sure I want to spend the rest of my life with a woman, than test her, use her and leave her with less value for some other guy. That is my philosophy.”

I began to see Victor in a different light. He was handsome, yes, but he suddenly had a different kind of beauty. He demonstrated love and respect for women, this I admired in him. I wanted to know more about him. Sleeping with him was no longer my priority.

“Your turn,” he said, bringing me out of my reverie.

“Uhm…I have tried it with a female before,” I confessed without shame. I could not believe I was sharing with him my deepest secret, something I had not shared with Ranti.

“Hmmm…how was it?”

“I felt nothing. I was just curious. But after that first time, I knew I was never going to do it again.”

Then his mobile phone rang.

“Daniel,” he told me as he looked at his phone. He answered the call. It was Ranti at the other end. They were ready to pick me up. I did not want to leave yet, but I knew I had to go.

“I really had a great evening with you, Victor,” I confessed. “And I’m glad our paths crossed.”

“You are one great company, and beautiful both on the inside and outside,” he said. As we stood up and made for the door, he pulled me back. Before I could say a word, his lips descended on mine and I was lost in the sweetest, softest most sensuous kiss ever. As I closed my eyes to savor the kiss, I knew I would never forget this moment.

A knock on the door brought it all to an abrupt end. As he opened the door, I faced Ranti and Daniel, and I muttered to Ranti, “I owe you a Blackberry!”


[i] Ole is Yoruba word for thief.

This post was written by Rita Okoroafor, author of the website She is a Petroleum Engineer who is passionate about writing.


  1. Beautiful story and real too!

  2. Wow. Sure life lessons. And I thought I was the only good guy out there. Girls keep complaining about how demanding guys can be, but the truth is some girls are far too 'available' than you could ever imagine. Maintain your self-worth no matter the pressure,and a guy will respect himself. Saying 'no' once or twice,and then giving in doesn't make the man the beast and you the 'saint'. Don't just say it, SHOW(mean) it! No matter how friendly a monkey is, you can never pressure it into parting ways with its banana. Lol

  3. beautiful story cant wait to read th e whole book

  4. oh WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! i love the story, almost brought me to tears..I'll love to read a book by her!

  5. Hmmn,nice one..and Dami's 15*smh*,she shud av settled for the 3310.


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