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The 11 Question Tag - Who's Next?

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It's been quite a while since I did my last meme that I've almost forgotten about them. But I do like reading the getting-to-know you tags on other blogs, and it's nice when someone remembers you. I was tagged by Destiny + Yankeenaijachick Success. Thankyou, dear.

These are the rules - You must post 11 things about yourself. Answer the questions that your tagger posted for you. Create 11 questions, then choose 11 people and tag them to answer your questions. Remember to let them know you tagged them. No tag backs...Let the tagger know when you answered their questions. So these are eleven things about me -

1. I live 8, and sometimes 9hrs behind GMT. This is for those in Naija and UK who beef me on FB and Twitter cos they think I ignore their tweets and chats. I am possibly sleeping by then.

2. To those saying HUH! to the above, don't be fooled by when my blog posts are published, most of them are scheduled days if not weeks in advance.

3. I am from Asaba and like to brag about it, but seriously, I don't know much about Asaba and the people. I sometimes cringe when people ask, you know so and so family?

4. I like musicals and so I guess it follows that I like the Opera. After attending about three Live Performances, I was almost about to scratch it off my interests list then I saw Madama Butterfly on a large screen. I now know I prefer it that way.

5. Yam used to be my favorite food, but I've pretty much gotten used to doing without it here, except once in a while when we visit the African store, and if you count poundo yam which I hear is half mash potatoes.

6. I like getting into arguments with people I think I can learn from. We may not agree but I think we rub off a little on each other in a way that help us become more open-minded.

7. I can be quite stubborn and sometimes perverse, meaning I can do things just to shock people. I used to find playing devil's advocate a lot of fun, but these days I try to act my age :)

8. My favorite show on TV right now is Smash, but I also like Scandal, Grimm and The Mentalist among others. My best reality TV is The Amazing Race. I also watch the Bachelor series, shame on me.

9. I miss my family in Nigeria something fierce sometimes. Thank God for new fangled technology like the mobile phone and internet. Now to convene a Google hangout with my parents.

10. I have the absolutely most awesome best friend in the whole wide world. Guess who?

11. My holiday job as a student in the UK was as a skate hire attendant. In between handing the skates to the visitors, I got on the ice a couple of times. I didn't learn to skate if that's what you were about to ask.

Now to 11 Questions from Destiny

1) The last place you visited - The Cinema to see the Avengers
2)What you ate for lunch - A Mango
3)Do you have any beauty regime that you always use? Body Lotion
4)What is your favorite beauty product? Olay Face Wipes
5)Do you have one weakness and how you overcame it? I used to have terrible anger management problems. This may sound simplistic but I asked God to take it away and He did.
6)What is your biggest accomplishment in life so far? Making my dream of a Masters degree a reality. But it has also been huge for me to publish my books and set up and maintain and this blog.
7) What reality show do you watch all the time? The Amazing Race
8)Have you done something for anyone this year? Oh yes, thank God for the opportunity.
9)Tell me about your day - Answering emails, writing, blogging, checking up and tinkering with my websites, doing stuff around the home, and spending time with Atala.
10) What type of man do you love? A man who accepts me. Completely.
11)What is your favorite song? My Heart Will Go on by Celine Dion. Unbreak My Heart by Toni Braxton comes a very close second.

11 Questions for people I tag

1. How many brothers and sisters do you have?
2. What do you consider as success?
3. Rank Fame, Happiness, Love, Health and Money in order of preference.
4. Will you go for a PhD degree?
5. What kind of books do you like reading?
6. What are your hobbies?
7. Chocolate or Ice cream?
8. Your best movie and why?
9. What do you consider your best trait, personality or physical wise?
10. Where did you last go on holiday?
11. If you could be an animal, which would it be?

Almsot everyone seems to have been tagged but I'll add the following people and any other person reading this.



  1. Babe, you are a 'waffi' gurl? Whaao! Nice.

    1. I think it is Warri that is Waffi, not Asaba :)

  2. I watch the Bachelor and bachelorettes series too. I find the show ridiculous but i can't seem to stop watching smh4me

    1. it's not just me. The last season was so annoying. Let's see how Emily does this summer.

  3. I love yam too!
    I know a bit more about you...

    Should go answer my own tags.

    1. Yay, another yam lover, lol. Look forward to reading yours.

  4. hmmmm so now we know a little about you.nice but the questions plenty for us to answer for this reply

    1. Thanks Chantel, you can just answer what you can.

  5. ooooo nice to know more about u..

    Oh yeah... ATALA is your BEST FRIEND.... yesh.. oh.. Now what do i get for guessing right??.. is it a rabbit, an egg or strawberry or none of the above.

    I will stop now.. xxxx

    1. guessed right. Let's make it a strawberry milkshake anytime we meet, OK?

  6. Myne: I used to follow the Bachelor regularly, but gave up after the guys did not pick my favorite contestants. I still watch sometimes (sad I know), and get angry with the final choice ... as usual, LOL!

    I love yam too!

    Poundo yam is half mashed potatoes? Horror of horrors! Tell me it isn't so (half sobbing, half screaming)

    *wipes tears*

    I am guessing Atala is your best friend :-)

    1. Honestly, I was so mad the last two bachelors, it's like they deliberately pick the wrong people, and by the end of the show they've broken up, ptchewww...

      Yes o, poundo is mash pototoes, or some of the brands sha. Check the nutrition info on the ones you buy. :)

  7. You are such an inspiring woman, it was great to read about you.

    Didn't know you were a fan of amazing grace, really interesting to know that.

  8. I love Smash and Grimm too,I will be a bit sad when the season ends. I eat poundo yam but I got dehydrated yam flour as the main ingredient though I still mix it with a bit of mashed potatoes. Who else will be your best friend but Atala?

    1. I will miss those shows. Let's hope there are some good summer shows coming.

  9. Nice to know more about you. Interesting things too. I also love yam. My fave is soft and well salted boiled yam and palm oil with lots of alligator pepper, crayfish and maggi. :-D

    1. Oh no, now you want to make me cry :(

  10. @che all you need now is a pot and some heat source....ℓ☺ℓ

  11. Yay! Asaba girls rock!

    It seems I have been tagged.

  12. wow i find it so hard to believe that you had anger management problems judging by the way you reply to comments especially the way you are calm, agree to disagree and generally go about it without sounding annoyed (even if the comment was annoying/rude)prayer truly works now can you please join me to pray for patience i have none.....seriously..


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