Saturday, April 28, 2012

MI's Loving Me - Romance Meets Music

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I'm not a big fan of rap music but a rap track will often get to me depending on the method of delivery, the music behind the rap as well as the hook, usually a sang chorus. All three come together in MI’s “Loving Me” which is from his new album, Illegal Music 2.

The video for Loving Me was released recently, and tells the story of a young girl who gets tired of an abusive and messed up relationship and decides to love herself. Enjoy.


  1. He doesn't even show face ONCE in the video, flipping genius!

    Haven't heard a Nigerian song in a while and I thank God that my first after a while wasn't some overly autotuned monotonous B.S. (

    1. Yes, that is quite different from the usual. I must say I'm impressed with MI's music. :)

    2. If this is what does rap for you, then you should hear out F.Shaw too

  2. Blessings…. interesting take on domestic violence, the twisted kind of love, loving me black and blue.


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