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When a relationship breaks down - Don Jazzy and Dbanj

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Don Jazzy, the guy who produced that song which got me rocking the dance floor on my wedding day tweeted  earlier todayabout the rumours of his split with Dbanj. I shook my head of course. I didn't miss the splash made in the media of Dbanj's gaffe in an interview. And because I watched the full clip of his interview with Sahara Reporters some weeks prior, I won't be surprised if he had actually misyarned. The guy is not all that. He's just an entertainer, like he said.

Now I don't also know Don Jazzy except when people I do follow retweet him or the rags carry his tweets, so I'm not taking sides. I read the following tweets first thing this morning from one of my BB contacts.

"It is with a heavy heart that I announce the end of a long era and the beginning of a new one."
"Some of the rumours you have all heard recently are sad but true."
"The way forward now is to make sure I keep bringing you guys more of the beautiful music y'all love to dance to."
"And to end the old era I will be donating the proceeds of my production catalogue from day 1 till date to 5 charity organizations. Thanks. IDJA".

I wonder if the deal with Kanye's GOOD music has anything to do with what's going on. Has dealing with the supposed American music royalty made one of them lose respect for the other lower class naija celeb? Maybe Kanye West makes better beats than Don Jazzy. Or is one becoming jealous of the high profile of the other? Who knows?

Reminds me of romantic relationships in a way. Things move smoothly when all things are equal, but bring in new circumstances, and the couple fall apart. Sometimes, when you are not close enough to be privy to all details, you may never be able to determine how to put mouth. In other cases, it may just be so obvious where some part of the blame lies, if not all. And it is in situations like this that the importance of respect and good communication is manifested.

Any relationship just rolling along on the good times is a risky venture. All couples should;

-Start on time to build trust, respect, and talk about their issues, current and expected.
-They should have plans for future projections, children, education, job loss, that kind of thing.
-They should know what they can bear and what is out of bounds, like domestic violence, lying/deceit, cheating, etc.

Life by its nature is unpredictable, and change is the only constant. We should try to be prepared at all times. Yes, it can be out of our hands sometimes, but we're not so powerless all the time.

Okeoghene blogged recently about Marriage and Finances where a husband lost his job and the working wife became the sole breadwinner. And then the story takes a turn,
"Last month, the wife feeling the need to upgrade her wardrobe bought a couple of outfits and shoes before giving the husband what was left. The husband was furious, he refused to collect the money  and he told her she doesn't have the right to spend the money. He hit her then told her he is the one to decide if she needs new clothes or shoes."

In both the Don Jazzy/Dbanj case, or the husband/wife case above, we may never know the full details.  However, if he did, Dbanj shouldn't have claimed he owned Mohits and Don Jazzy was his lackey. It is comparable to the husband hitting his wife. Some things are just plain wrong. But hey, what do I know?

Good luck to all the parties involved. Relationships are so difficult sometimes.


  1. Dbanj needs to come back down to earth humility is a virtue thats all am gonna say on this. As for relationships breaking down i have always wondered what happens when females who have been best friends forever simply stop talking to each other for no seemingly apparent reason that one baffles me!

  2. This is extremely painful and i dont really know want to say; D`banj..a single tree can never make a forest.Though you own the company but a lot of people like Don Jazzy,contributed a great deal to where it is today....Well 20 children can not play together for 20 years,they will definitely separate at some point.

    Wished this can be amicably settled..

  3. Well written dear, but we need to know if they have actually parted ways.Don Jazzy or DBanj are yet to speak about this.

  4. No be today jare.. Expect a reconciliation soon.

    1. So tru all publicity stunt and when there's a reunion they expect to make more money from the fabricated stores!!!

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  6. .....Hmmm! nothing they say, last for ever #sighs#

    2 things can make female best friends separate:


    hope i answered your question Pendo :D

    p.s, funny enough, i wrote a short poem,

    yesterday, concerning something like this! :)

  7. Really hope the rumors of the split are false. They do so well together.

    Relationships, friendships....all these impt "ships" requires commitment α̲̅πϑ work. A ship without a crew working on it soon runs aground.

    Dr Lily

  8. We would never know what went wrong and its always important to hear both parties out. I wish them both the best. It cant be easy ending a long, close reltionship!

  9. Hiya Myne....I just love how you have related this matter to a husband/wife and relationship scenario. Too true, one never ever knows the intimate details of a breakdown, break off, break apart of any relationship, business or otherwise. There will always be things they never tell...As for Dbanj....the guy thoroughly disappointed in him from that interview of #OccupyNigeria....just shaking mi head....and.....who is Don Jazzy again?! Lol.

  10. I guess, just like any relationship, we shouldn't take sides. but for Dbanj , tomorrow will tell.

  11. i don't know the full story but like you said, relationships are difficult - even down to friendship... people are in it for different reasons.


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