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WA Romance Authors on why YOU should read Romance Novels

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Recently, One+TheOne called me out in her blog series about The Journey to THE ONE when she wrote; "Romance books can damage your sense of reality: Now, I am not against romantic novels or literature (Myne Whitman, I believe, I believe :-) but I would say that it is very necessary to not get lost in fiction and forget how to live in real life!"

I agree with her that readers should take fiction for what it is - someone's imagination. However I think it is wrong to blame romance novels for damaging a reader's sense of reality. In my opinion, the outcome of reading a romance novel depends on what lessons the personality of the reader leads them to choose from their fiction. I read thousands of romance novels from when I was like ten, and believe me, it only made me more choosy and perceptive. Well, apart from my own experience, I've gone further to get some reinforcements from my fellow Romance Writers of West Africa.

Netty Ejike - Romance Writer and Publisher, Rafelo Romance - says;

Coming from Nigeria, Africa, I've come to understand why I cherish reading romance. It is a great source of entertainment for me, and yes, I believe that to ease stress we should allow ourselves to be sucked in in that dream land of happily-ever-after stories. Reading about some young damsels who are swept off their feet by daring, handsome rich guys is more refreshing than many other novels in other genres. And then comes the hidden lesson learnt in every romance novel, which can help shape the reader's character. If by reading romance novels I feel happier and more enlightened, then I recommend it to everyone. After all, what is life without some romance to spice it up?

Kiru Taye - Author of passionate romance novels set in hot exotic Africa - adds;

1. Romance readers learn about romance and how to improve your love life.
2. Romance readers get to visit locations and eras you would never have visited otherwise.
3. Romance readers get to follow the characters on a journey to love as they deal with different conflicts  and are guaranteed a happy ending. Think about all those endorphins released in the body when you're happy. Romance readers get that a lot.


Netty Ejike is the author of An Impious Proposal and Stormy Affair, and is also the chairman of the Enugu Chapter, Association of Nigeria Authors (ANA)

Kiru's Men of valor, a historical romance series set in medieval West Africa, is now available in ALL eBook formats from Breathless Press and also at Amazon. Her A Valentine Challenge is available at, and you can find Kiru blogging at


  1. I simply cannot understand why some speak so harshly about romance books. If reading a romance book brings enjoyment, then, what's the problem. No one wants to read "War and Peace" every day, even tho the book is fantastic. One's personal library should be rounded, as is life. Romance is a part of life, a very nice part, I think, and an escape from life's more tedious aspects. Escapism is good upon occasion. Escapism leads to dreams. Dreams are good. Write on!

  2. interesting...i did feel a rush whenever i read romance novels, but I remember some moments of my life feeling sad, despondent that such love didn't seem to exist or why my relationships were not like those. sometimes it is easier said than done to separate fiction from reality.

  3. Whoa... I am now going to look for a Kiru Taye book to read.... wow!

  4. its necessary to read romance novel every now and then. its interesting and captivating.

  5. Oh how i love reading romance books... It reminds me of what our world will never be. Lol
    university of Nigeria Nsukka Starts exams...

  6. I personally like mystery and crime novels, but I have found romance novels to be quite enlightening, especially because you get to go "inside people's heads" and understand how they think and why they make certain decisions relationship-wise. The reasons you and the authors gave offers a different perspective because you write these novels in unconventional settings (compared to all the other typical Romance novels).

  7. Congratulations to all you fearless authors who have the courage to write from the heart to celebrate love, romance, and all things dear to women. I have been reading Romance for well over 30 years, and I have 5 award-winning historical Romances published. It still boggles my mind that in the year 2012, someone is STILL writing rubbish like, "Romance can damage your sense of reality." (So can TV cop dramas, one-sided news stories, bloody gory movie violence, negative peer pressure, enormous amounts of caffeine, and FEAR.) I did not read the original article (from which the quote was supposedly derived), so I cannot speak to that post. However, it is my opinion that any writer who purports that readers lose their sense of "reality" when reading a book which is clearly marked FICTION on the spine or on the title page, is vastly underestimating the maturity and intelligence of that book's readers.

    Adrienne deWolfe
    Book Writing Coach
    Award-winning Romance Author

  8. Recently i have started blaming romance novels for my yearning for Sir Galahad and failure to 'settle' lol.
    I find that deep down i want to be swept away like my favourite heroines by men on white horses. but the reality is that Sir Galahad is just a Mr coming to meet me on the tube.

    Ahh the bitter taste of disappointment.

    It doesn't stop me from reading more romance novels though so don't mind us and keep writing :).


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