Sunday, March 11, 2012

India Arie: Brown Skin - Romance Meets Music

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India Arie is one of my favorite American musicians among those who are at the edges of traditional R&B/Soul. I'm not gonna say much about this video except that I love the song and lyrics even more. It reminds me of a poem I wrote some time ago titled "You are my Poem"


  1. This was the first time hearing this song. I love her soulful voice and the rhythm of the song. Beautiful!


  2. i love her too. Funny thing i got my blog name from this song, well kind of lol.

  3. Brown Skin and Ready for two fave India.Arie songs!

  4. The Truth, Beautiful Surprise, Brown Skin... India.Arie is "Cool Peoples"
    *twirling hair & singing along*
    ♫Every time you come around, something magnetic pulls me and I cant get out
    Disoriented, I cant tell my up from down
    All I know is that I wanna lay you down...♫


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