Saturday, March 3, 2012

I Love You by Praiz - Romance Meets Music

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This is another feature in the new series where I'll be sharing the music videos of love songs I'm feeling. Praiz, is an upcoming vocalist and musician, and while I think he's cute, I don't know about the beard. Maybe that's part of his allure for some people. I do love the smooth R&B vibe in this particular song, and the chemistry between Praiz and his lady is heart-warming. The video was shot in Johannesburg and that's probably one of the reasons the image/sound is so crisp and clear. Not saying such production is not possible in Nigeria, but.. Anyway, this song is now on my playlist, and I found the lyrics too, sweet :)

Afurum gi na anya…my baby…in my heart

Verse I
Can we go again right from the very start?
I put my pride aside to love u again
Time is all we need to make our love grow stronger
Don’t wanna be with any other lai lai
Cos u r my one desire, I go give u my heart go give u ma life
Hold me in your arms baby; drown me in your love baby,
Hold me close, never let me go…

Afurum gi na anya, with my heart and soul,
afurum gi na anya, I’ll never let u go,
afurumgi na anya, with my heart and soul,
afurum gi na anya, afurum gi na anya…

Verse II
Let me be the one you love and I swear I’ll give my heart to you
No one takes your place cos I’m so in love with you
Like the sun you brighten up my day, I want to spend my time with you
Cos u r my one desire, I go give you my heart I go give you my life
Hold me in your arms baby; drown in your love baby,
Hold me close and never let me go…

Heaven knows that I love you, obimo
I’ll place no one above you
Nwunyem o, I was born to love you..
Ine nyem anwuli, can’t you see……

(Repeat chorus)


  1. Na wah. If I had not seen the video and just listened to the song maybe I would have managed to get to the end...but this That "top" just dey annoy me...

  2. Nice. I hadn't heard this song before. The romantic in you might like this one too:

    1. A solid wedding song, and cute video too. iLike :)

  3. You are naughty, Myne, you shouldn't do this to me - I'm a very happily married (mature) woman. P.S. I love the beard - my hubby has a beard. He is delicious!!

    1. LOL...hubby here tried a beard once. It looks good, but too scratchy :)

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