Wednesday, March 28, 2012

For Trayvon Martin - When will his Killer be Arrested?

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This picture was taken on Atala's birthday in February. It had been a running joke between us that he didn't own any hoodies, so I bought him one and as he smoldered around the room modeling it for me, I snapped off a couple of shots on my BB. Now with the whole Trayvon Martin case, I wonder if I should have bought it? Maybe I should make sure he never wears it again?

Obama poignantly said, "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon." I shudder to say, many of our loved ones do. Since I first heard about the murder on Lady Ngo's blog, I've been waiting to hear of a follow-up arrest. Yet, with all the protests and the hot air in the press, Zimmerman walks free. Race or not, I do not buy the self-defence or stand-your-ground argument. When will Trayvon Martin get justice?


  1. PREACH my sentiments exactly my dear smh



  2. I have not made the time to read about the stand your ground law in FL yet. In anycase, the authorities (FBI included) might serve Zimmerman better by taking him into custody to protect his life and the lives of other citizens that could harm him.

    I just wish the hoodie talk would go away so we focus on the unarmed kid that was shot to death.

  3. This is such a terrible story. No matter the race, no matter the clothes - Zimmerman was told to wait when he called the police. EVEN IF there was a real threat on the streets. If he had waited, Trayvon could be in his living room watching basketball right now. It's ridiculous that a man can kill a child and the best we can do is tell him he "should have listened to directions".

  4. Check out this link. Surveillance video shows George Zimmerman on the night he killed Trayvon Martin


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