Sunday, March 18, 2012

Adele: Chasing Pavements - Romance Meets Music

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Beautiful of Pieces of Me (I prefer, Megababeextra) is back, and she says I make love look so sweet. I do love the sweet easy going love, but from my books, you'll realize that I know the road to happy-ever-after is usually rough and tumble. I also know that if you do meet the right person when the stars align, the bumps are smoothed out by the end.

However, it can be hit-and-miss at the beginning. Maybe someone likes you but you can't reciprocate, or you crush on someone and he is unavailable, just like Adele sings in Chasing Pavements.

Have a great day all, and Happy Mothering Sunday to those in Nigeria.


  1. awwwww! *screaming in my hotel room* Thanks Big Sis :*

    I concur - " I also know that if you do meet the right person when the stars align, the bumps are smoothed out by the end"

  2. lol! @ preferring Megababextra, i don't even know how i came up with that name

  3. I think I've become a hopeless romantic so you know I agree :-)

  4. Blessings I hope and trust that you are in the best of health. Love hmmmmmmm, it can be so soul nurturing however where we are inclined to run into trouble is if we plant our heads firmly in the dream and not have one firmly in the reality. Romance is great though i think it behoves us to keep it real, by all means hope, keep the faith but balance it with the reality of what is, who he is, she it, the situation. Sometimes as mad as it sounds love means walking away because one has to balance love of self together with everything and if the situation is not healthy emotionally, physically, or psychologically then it is wiser to love and let go. Sometimes as human beings we romanticize love to the determent of hearts, body, soul and ourselves. If he/she is not available then let it go, move on, if it is to be then the Divine will present the opportunity for the love to bloom. If you have to deceive for it, steal for it, hurt and mame another for it then it won’t last because it is built of toxic soil. One has to love their self enough to understand their own worth and worthiness and refuse to settle for less and yes that may mean leaving the one you desire because for whatever reason/circumstance/situation they are not ready to meet you where you are at. If you cling to that which is not ready/available/open then you just may miss the wonderfulness of the one who is.

    been meaning to mention, since the changes in your blog I experience difficulty leaving comments. I don’t know if it’s because you have many things now on and they are loading at different times. Sometimes I am commenting and then just like that it would get erased and the page appears to be loading something else, then I would get a lag time, I would be typing I cannot see my words and then all of a sudden it appears. I just got frustrated now and I am commenting on Microsoft word and pasting in your comment box with my fingers cross that it would stick. Its been happening a while, its why you don’t see me as often here. It is a practice in patience and I must admit I am not always patient.

    Have a blessed day.

  5. Love is indeed sweet but it sucks sometimes :(

  6. Myne, now you got me looking up 'chasing pavements'.

    Have you listened to 'Someone Like You' by Adele?

    One word - Bliss! Happy mother's day to you.

  7. I absolutely love this song but never knew it had a video, thanks for sharing! That love talk ehn? Just leave it one side. I'm happy for you though, may the Lord keep blessing your home

  8. Adele's very great, she's very good in singing her songs!!
    I admire her so much,keep it up Adele.


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