Saturday, February 11, 2012

With Love, Valentine's Day Blog Hop Giveaway

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It's time for the love giveaway! The Valentine's Day Blog Hop is hosted by the Blog Hop Spot, with several other authors and bloggers taking part and lots of prizes to be won - see the full list of participants in the blog hop. To enter this contest, you have to be a follower of my blog either by Google Friend Connect, Facebook or Twitter. What's up for grabs?

1. Two eBook copies of A Love Rekindled. (International!) Leave a comment with your email address to be eligible for this book.

2. Two eBook copies of A Heart to Mend (International!)Leave a comment with your email address to be eligible for this book.

3. I'm happy to announce that one lucky reader  (only the US, sorry!) will win a copy of Always and Forever, Love. To be eligible for this book, tell me in your comments about the longest married couple you know.

Comments close morning of 14 Feb, Valentines Day, and winner will be announced on the same day. Good luck!


  1. Happy valnetines' Myne

  2. happy valentine day ( in advance)

    thanks you for opening this to international

    gfc: miki


    1. Thanks for being a member of the site Miki :)

  3. Hi Myne, I do realise I will not be eligible for this particular prize but thought you might be interested in my parents' story. On 1st August 2012 they will have been married for 59 years. They married on 1st August 1953 but actually met each other in 1946 when my mother was 16 years old and my father was only 14 years old. My mother didn't like my father at first but according to my mother he was very persistent. In fact she freely admits that she wasn't very keen on him for a couple of years. My father always seemed to be catching the same bus as my mother was when she left work, although he could have caught an earlier bus to get home. During this time my mother would ignore him, to the point where she had several boyfriends and a group of friends who were girls and boys but my father was always a hanger-on to this group. My father went straight from school in to the Royal Navy at age 15 and when mum and dad decided to get married my father had to obtain the permission of his Captain before the wedding could go ahead, as well as asking my grandad for his permission for my mother's hand in marriage.
    So he had to pluck up his courage three times, 1)to ask my mother, 2) to ask her father and 3) to ask his Captain's permission. Times were so very different back then.
    The other interesting point to make is that England was still suffering from rationing after WWII and my grandmother made my mother's wedding dress and the bridesmaids' dresses and the wedding cake. My mother's wedding ring was a band of tiny gold hearts all joined together, in fact it wore down so much that my dad replaced it for her along with a new engagement ring when they reached their 50th wedding anniversary. They do suffer now from some age related ailments but still live independent lives but don't do quite as much as they used to.

    1. This is a wonderfully inspiring story Sally, and thanks for allowing me to share it.

  4. Hope you have a naughty Valentine's Day.

  5. This the 4th time I am trying to post a comment. I hope all the other 3 posts I thought were not published will not just appear from the blues where they were hiding. The oldest couple I know is my best friend's parents. They will be celebrating their diamond anniversary this July. Just being in their presence and seeing they relate with one another even in their old is an example that love is real and that love endures.

  6. Sigh... I always seem to miss out! *sad face*


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