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Why I hate Religion but love Jesus - Jefferson Bethke speaks my mind

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I don't usually like discussing topics on faith because mine is deeply personal to me and I understand it can be the same for others. I also know we are all given different and individual measures of faith. When I say I believe in Jesus Christ and the Word of God, some people think I'm talking about religion and I understand that too. But I think they're two different things, and that is why we can have religious extremists who do things against the tenets of their faith, or what they are supposed to believe.

So while we were all brought up as Christians in my family, I accept that I may not see every topic the same way with my brother or my sisters. Then I consider other Christians that attended different Sunday Schools or Bible studies from me, and I bite my tongue before I get into religious arguments. However, there comes a time when you just have someone speaking your mind, almost exactly and even much better than you would've put it. Jefferson Bethke, the guy in that video, is one such person and some verses from his spoken word is below. See full lyrics at his Rap Genuis page.

Now back to the point, one thing is vital to mention
How Jesus and religion are on opposite spectrum
See one's the work of God, but one's a man made invention
See one is the cure, but the other's the infection
See because religion says do, Jesus says done
Religion says slave, Jesus says son
Religion puts you in bondage, while Jesus sets you free
Religion makes you blind, but Jesus makes you see
And that's why religion and Jesus are two different clans

Religion is man searching for God, Christianity is God searching for man
Which is why salvation is freely mine, and forgiveness is my own
Not based on my merits but Jesus's obedience alone
Because he took the crown of thorns, and the blood dripped down his face
He took what we all deserved, I guess that's why you call it grace
And while being murdered he yelled
"Father forgive them they know not what they do."
Because when he was dangling on that cross, he was thinking of you
And he absorbed all of your sin, and buried it in the tomb
Which is why I'm kneeling at the cross, saying come on there's room
So for religion, no I hate it, in fact I literally resent it
Because when Jesus said it is finished, I believe he meant it
I have to confess that the older I get, the more this dichotomy between the church and Jesus Christ and his teachings become to me. No, I'm not talking of individual pastors who get into scrapes or scam their members. I'm talking of established denominations and congregations who abide by doctrine that plainly is in opposites to what Christ taught. And it starts from the Priests to the newest member. from beliefs that tithing will get you to heaven, to prosperity preaching that tosses humility and the poor to the wayside.

I sometimes ask myself, what is going on? I am yet to know the answer.


  1. So on point!
    I'm going to steal this for my blog, Myne.

  2. WoW I am mesmerized. Loved his spoken word!

  3. Finally, someone sees things the way I see them.

  4. Firts of all, I'd like to let u knw that I am a muslim. Religion is somethn and Jesus is another difrnt thing? Like how unusual. Religion is a way of life, just like tradition but way extensive. If religion is a way of life then Jesus once lived that kinda life in question, and if he did live it, then why say he was difrnt frm religion? Just nt comprehending as u do...

  5. Most Nigerians have to watch this and really search themselves, I'm sorry to say. All I can say is WORD. Religion and Christianity are two different things

    Muse Origins

  6. Honestly, I agree
    but to a certain extent I don't
    Back when I lived in Nigeria I'd say
    But after being away for a minute
    I'm reluctant to bang my feet in agreement
    Define religion?
    The BELIEF in and WORSHIP of a superhuman power
    what does belief mean?
    Accept his words with all your heart and soul
    What does worship mean?
    Adore him and act only in ways that are pleasing to him.
    Religion is not flawed
    However, man's definition of religion has been corrupted
    Just like one shouldn't say
    that all men are dogs (universal affirmative)
    just cos they were once cheated on (hasty generalization)
    One shouldn't be quick to condemn religion

    I sincerely believe that it's not religion that's flawed
    but what man in his 'self-righteousness' has turned it to be

  7. This is on point!!! I think we all need to be more Godly than we are religious.

  8. I saw this video sometime back and I think the guy made a lot of sense. people confuse religion a lot with Christianity

  9. The older I get the more I too am inclined to agree. I have hardly any faith left in the motives of the current church. Burned too many tomes.

  10. Mr Nasir, please permit me to explain. Religion is an accepted form of worship of a deity amongst a group of people. Christianity however, is a personal relationship with God based on faith which is shared and built together with people of similar personal relationships. God wants to have a relationship with us, that is why He sent His son to the earth to die, once and for all, covering our sins. This arrangement did not have our imput. It was a decision made by God to show us how much He loves us His creation and how so much He wants to have us in communion with His. And this He gave freely to us, the only condition being our faith in this crazy love that God has for us. Not by our works, not by our 'nice or gentle' disposition, but just by grace- an undeserved extension of God's hand to us, asking us to invite Him into our lives to live life fully as He originally intended.
    And when we have God in us, fully living in us, we become consumed with love for Him and we see our relationship as precious and most importantly, we see others as God sees them-His people. Can you imagine Jesus with a machine gun going to war? After Jesus' ascension, the people who spread His teaching did so by dying (being hunted down and fed to the lions, killed by roman soldiers, persecuted by Jewish clergy) they didn't do it by fighting, so what excuse do we have in the world today for fighting in the name of God. Jesus never set that precedent and if we are called by His title (Christians) neither should we ever sanction war or conflict in His name.
    I hope I have clarified it all. God bless

  11. Personally I don't see any confusion. People can believe in whatever they like, be it religion, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc. As long as they don't try to impose their beliefs on others, then that's fine by me.

    When man stops the manipulation of religion or Christianity or whatever you want to call it, then we may see an end to misconceptions on this subject.


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