Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston is Dead - Where do broken hearts go?

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I was out most of today running errands and had not time to check my social media on my BB. Back home, I opened up my laptop, and what were all my Facebook friends talking about? RIP, Whitney Houston. What?! Yes, it is true. She passed away this evening at her hotel. She was just 48.

Nonplussed does not describe how I feel now. I didn't burst into tears like I did when Micheal Jackson died, but I'm close. I know she had her problems, but she has always been one of my favorites, and I was looking forward to the day I would go see her sing in concert. Hmm...another huge talent is gone. I hope she is now able to find the peace that eluded her here on earth.

Enjoy one of my favorite songs from her, and my playlist while writing some parts of A Love Rekindled.

I don't know where broken hearts go, Whitney, but I hope you find your way Home. Adieu.

I know it's been some time
But there's something on my mind
You see, I haven't been the same
Since that cold November day
We said we needed space
But all we found was an empty place
And the only thing I learned
Is that I need you desperately

So here I am
And can you please tell me, oh

Where do broken hearts go
Can they find their way home
Back to the open arms
Of a love that's waiting there
And if somebody loves you
Won't they always love you
I look in your eyes
And I know that you still care, for me

I've been around enough to know
That dreams don't turn to gold
And that there is no easy way
No you just can't run away
And what we have is so much more
Than we ever had before
And no matter how I try
You're always on my mind

And now that I am here with you
I'll never let you go
I look into your eyes
And now I know, now I know


  1. I'm still in shock! This is so, so, so sad. :'(

    RIP Whitney! I will always love you!

    1. I will always love her too. That is the consolation, the music lives on.

  2. The news just spoilt my day. So young. I kept believing she will still rise again. May she truly find her way home, Amen.

  3. Yes, very shocking. So untimely. But I guess when it's one's time to go, it isn't as untimely as initially thought.

    Whitney Houston's music will live forever and ever and, as you stated, hopefully she has found her way home.

    Rest In Peace Whitney.


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