Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Bouari Weight Loss Experience Day 18 - Spa and Lunch out

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Just a short update here. I'm still sticking to the plan, cutting back on the calories, but bulking up on the proteins, fruits and vegetables. It is still working, my current weight as shown above is 142.6lbs. I think it could've been better, but my cycle is wreaking havoc with me now, and I feel as bloated and constipated as a hippo (sorry hippo!)

Anyways, this past weekend marked the beginning of our anniversary thingies, and so I took Atala out for a spa treatment. Zouzou's Musings suggested that idea in reply to my What are you getting your love for Valentine post (thanks dearie). I made it a surprise, told him we were going for a walk and brunch. He laughed when we got to the spa place and so I knew I got it right. We definitely both enjoyed the amazingly relaxing full body massage. The venue was a lake front, and while we didn't have the awesome view during the massage, it was part of the foot soak and paraffin hand treatment. Wonderful, I tell you.

Afterwards, I took him out for lunch. While he tucked into his Salmon Steak, I managed the Garden Salad. I got his steamed vegetables and some of his Salmon too after I bribed him with Fish and Chips, that British staple :) And did I mention the restaurant was also located around the lake, and we had a window seat? It was marvelous quality time together, and now I don't mind that 14th is on a work day.

Have a lovely week all. More marriage avowals are on the way.


  1. awwww....Nice! SO Valentine came early for una, ba?
    This weigh loss thing dey real o! It is just the diet thing that gets me everytime..God dey...
    Nice nail polish color.:D

    1. The weekend was definitely an opportunity not to be missed :)

      Thanks, the weight loss is working o, but I can't wait to get below 140.

  2. hmmmm.....I missed you sissy.

    1. Hey you too. How are you?

    2. I wish I had the figures on your scale!

      God dey. With perseverance and Jillian Michaels kicking my butt, I should be there in no time.

      I love, loooove loooove your early valentine. So simple & sweet.Awwww.

    3. I was happy to see those figures, it's been like months :)

      And I trust Gillian, and Bob too. Will get back to them soon.

  3. Oh Myne, I am so glad that suggestion went well!!! Yay.


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