Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Do Men Really Want Love?

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There was a sub in one of Lady Ngo's blogs where she said that blogsville desperately needs more men. I replied that I also wonder why there aren't more male personal bloggers. Because I think ladies need to hear more about life from a male POV.

Well, a female writer on Naijastories shared a short and sweet story titled "The Perfect Gift" on what it is men may want. She says she wrote this in May of 2008, but it was published on Valentine's Day because that seemed like the perfect time to share it.  The moral of the story is that all men want is a kiss and a cuddle. Now, male readers may have a different opinion. Read and let me know what you think.

Ironically, James only went to the party because his wife had insisted that he honour Tony's invitation. Tony was celebrating his latest promotion at work, an so James had gone. And joked around with Tony and the guys. And had a couple of beers.

And now; now he was being led out of the general party area by a young thing with a mini-skirt that could pass for a headband, extra high heels, a missing bra- her nipples were poking out- and long brown attachment-thingy braids.

She seemed to know her way around, James thought, as she moved easily in the corridors, twisting and turning, finally stopping to open a door and lock them in. She pushed him in a chair an began nuzzling his neck. He absently thought about Abigail and the kids, wondering if they were already in bed.

She- he couldn't for the life of him remember her name- stood up, struck a sexy pose and began slowly undulating her tiny hips, running her hands over her body. She kept swaying even as her top came off and she stepped out of her skirt. She turned around and bent over, pretending to fiddle with her shoes, meanwhile affording him a chance to stare at her black lace thong and the surrounding flesh.

It was then he felt the first twitch. She wiggled back up, executing some tough-looking moves that ended with her on the floor, eyes fixed on him the whole time.

That's when it started.

He burst out in uncontrollable laughter, the tears streaming down his face.

"I'm sorry," he spluttered as she ceased her contortions, painfully confused.

He just barely made it to the door between the laughter and attempts to wave her goodbye.

*                    *                *

Later, stealthily making his way up the stairs, he realized that it was about a quarter to midnight. The kids would be fast asleep by now, he would wait till morning to see them. James got undressed quickly, dumping his clothes by his side of the bed.

"Hey, baby," Abigail mumbled, turning a bleary eye in his direction.

"Hello, love," he said, easing open the duvet covering his wife. "Can we spoon?"

"Thought you'd never ask," croaked Gail, her voice hoarse with fatigue and interrupted sleep.

James got into bed, pulling her into him and inhaling deeply off the side of her neck.

"Have I got a story for you," he whispered, between nibbles.

"Mmm...," was her reply, her body already relaxing in sleep.

James raised himself to look at his wife, married seven years now, with the passage of time leaving tiny marks on her face and body.

He absently flashed back to his experience with the Young Thing. He drifted off to sleep, his nose buried in Gail-smelling hair, spooning with the only woman he loved.


  1. Well...I'm a male blogger, and I think the main issue romance has is the fact that half of the time our signals are crossed. The guys keep thinking ALL the girls just want a good time and they are not worth settling down with. The girls think ALL the guys are about sex and more sex.

    Nothing could be farther from the truth.

    Far as I know - all we (both the male and female species) all want is happiness...and hopefully someone who would make it all worthwhile.

    This is interesting, Myne. Thanks.

  2. Way to Go Bro..I COSIGN that!!

  3. I love the story.Meanwhile,men,like women,want LOVE.True,we are easily influenced by the things we see (physical endowments of the women folks),but endowments are play thing.When it comes to seriousness,we want something more.

  4. To comment ONLY your statement "she said that blogsville desperately needs more men. I replied that I also wonder why there aren't more male personal bloggers. Because I think ladies need to hear more about life from a male POV.", I think you might have to wait a long time for that to happen; probably when our children grow up. I blame our current wiring as males & females.

    From my perspective, most of the blogs in blogsville are offshoots from personal journals/dairies. The content might not be the "what happened today" rant(as diaries were traditionally employed to do), but there is always that element of "how_I_view_things"-ness in the ways the stories are selected and structured.

    Now, who keeps more dairies/journals? Girls!! You are most likely to find a pink dairy (with some feathering design & hearts all over it) than a blue dairy (with the design of batman/transformers on it)in a remote stationary store. Beyond this, the designs also (subtly) contribute; they communicate the type of stories that should be documented in it. Pink, feathering & hearts? Expect stories of love, how I feel, emotions and mushy stuff. Whereas, a batman/superman, communicates "hardness", "how I brushed that boy who took my bicycle", and scientist type stuff.

    Fast forward twenty years later, introduce the internet & social media in between. What do have? A situation where more of the relatively fewer males would be blogging about random stuff like "Occupy Nigeria" and "the socio-political juxtaposition of the Nigerian cultural political complex & the redefinition of our political space", just as more female writers would talk about their emotions, fashion, and celebrities.

  5. Nice!! I quite agree that everyone wants happiness...but happiness is relative....

  6. Male Personal Bloggers... Hmmm. I don't know if I'd like to start a blog to air my personal views. I do that on facebook atimes though. Why men are not much in the personal blog affair, I can't tell but I can guess, just the way ladies like gist and to gist, they do better at it. Morever ma, I am looking to publish my story - My wedding night (if you'd be happy to put it on your blog), would be nice. Have you read it?

    I like the story you shared. It's beautiful. I think nothing beats a faithful man. E no easy abeg but it is possible!

    - LDP

  7. Nice post Myne, absolutely loved the story

    ...and It really wouldn't hurt to have male perspective to some things once in a while.

  8. How many men can truly say no to a 'young thing'?
    If they can, then the world is not so bad afterall.
    I hope the born again men run sha instead of testing themselves.

  9. Ya right! Like any man would resist> Hell their all spending most of their time looking at porn and envisioning themselves doing some young thing. Do you think they'd really say no when they were finally living out what they've been dreaming of for days? Besides they've already prep"d themselves to be nice and comfortable and aroused when staring at a naked woman other than their wife. As far as their mind body and heart believe they've had sex with them as well. Odd how no men responded after the question in the last post was put out there. I highly doubt men these days can even spoon with their wives without dreaming about all the naked women embedded in their minds. Let alone make love to them without them doing the same.Men just want to be happy. their gonna do whatever makes them feel good the quickest easiest most reliable way possible. Because they don't have to do the work it takes to make a woman happy to get sex the way our grandfathers did. Men don't blog because their off in porno land and have all fried their brains so bad they know they don't dare tell the truth about how they think for fear everyone would see how shallow in incapable of love they really are. Ya maybe I'm bitter. Maybe with good reason!

  10. Calm down woman. Look, taken guys like to look and fantasise just like y'all do about Idris Elba. Doesnt mean every man will cheat, can we enjoy just looking please?


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