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What to expect from Myne Whitman Writes in 2012

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Hi everyone, how are you doing? It feels strange to post knowing that some of my readers may be affected by the events in Nigeria. Things are not settling down but are becoming even worse and that makes me worried. I urge everyone to try to remain safe during this period, and hopefully the country will stabilize soon. My heart goes out to those who have lost friends and family in either the subsidy removal protests or in the Boko Haram attacks. May the soul of the dead rest in peace.

By the way, that's my new look for the 2012 by the left. It's also my first weave since I did the big chop. What do you think?

To today's post, which is not really a proper post, I want to share with you all some of my plans for the blog this year.

First off, February. The last two years on this blog, I've usually had a theme for the Valentine month usually along the lines of love. So it was Love Extravaganza in 2010 and Real Love Stories in 2011. This year I didn't start early like I did last year when I sent out guest post invites by November, but I have some good ideas. One involves creative writing and the other love letters and cards. Hmmm...contact me if interested. :)

Next, I have got to the stage in Dunni and Bab's story where I can no longer share excerpts of it with you guys. I'm looking at a publication date in a few months, all things being equal. So in place of the Monday WIP series, I will be hosting stand alone shorts from Naija Stories. There are some amazing writers there and I'm sure you'll love to read their works.

I'm also going to be doing blog hops, both giveaways and blogfests so expect some of that. I'm already checking out the April A -Z challenge and I think I may take it up again this year. I'm talking out some plans with Atala on doing something to build the naija bloggers community, like we did with Cupid's Risk. This won't be story, more along the lines of a Blog Fest. We'll see...

Finally, the Picture Weekends will continue as will the other regulars including relationship talk, roundtable, news de jour, blogging and self-publishing tips, and guest authors. If you want to guest post or have anything you're doing featured, just let me know. I can also add logos and links to my sidebar for a limited time.

I hope you guys like the lineup - if there's something you want to read or see, please I'd love your suggestions in the comments. Thanks!


  1. Hmmmmm,Myne Whitman packed! LOL I'm looking forward to the giveaways,if those of us based in Nigeria will not be shut off by distance this time.LOL

    I think i'm going to participate in this year's A-Z challenge also.I enjoyed the challenge last year.

  2. looking forward to coming here for more. love the way you have a nice outline for the year, one of the things i intend doing too, be more organised as i am such a scatterbrain! newlook is different, kinda prefer the old look sha, or maybe this is just gonna take some getting used to. at the end of the day, whatever makes you feel pretty and comfy.
    i have missed being here.
    happy new year deary!

  3. Your pic really looks good, really good.

    I hope you achieve all you want with this blog this year

  4. You are very organized and seem to have it all figured. That's impressive. The hair looks good on you, but I think it would have looked nicer if the front bit was a longer straight fringe. That's just my opinion ooo. I plan on doing the big chop next month.

  5. Wow see organization. You inspire me a lot.
    A health/fitness post doesn't quite fit your blog, otherwise I would have prepared one.

    And now you just really increased the suspense with the Dunni and Bab's story. Can't wait for it to be ready!

    For Nigeria, I really pray for God's intervention, we need help.

  6. very typical of My bro to look forward to the giveaways ..lol

  7. Absolutely love the hair do! Would love to guest post too and looking forward to all the interesting things you have planned for the year!

  8. Thank you all so much.

    @9jagreat, you did a marvelous A - Z last year and I look forward to this with you too.

    @Dianah, happy new year to you dear, and all the best for 2012.

    @iLola, thank you.

    @Che, I said as much to the hairdresser but the deed was done by then. I'm getting used to it now sha. Good luck with your big chop.

    @MsJB, that's true but if you have something to promote with it, I don't mind a one-off.

    @Didi, lol...abi?

    @Omonaike, I will contact you soon. Thanks.

  9. Hmm Myne this is the year. I love love the stuff about doing something to help naija bloggers. Very nice. I think you should also talk about internet marketing. As in give us tips on how to market your books and your journey as a writer. Is it rewarding? Do you make money from it? Is it a livelihood you would encourage people to follow? etc
    ANd yes we pray for peace in Naija.

  10. The disturbing events in Nigeria have been/are in the news here in the States. Please stay safe and out of harm's way - it makes me nervous that events are getting worse.

    On a brighter note, loooove your new do!

  11. Sounds like a great year ahead! Wish I could be that organized:). New do looks great! Keeping Nigeria in prayer.

  12. Myne, I'm very interested in working, writing with you. Hope you keep me in the loop.
    Yeah, the Nigeria thing really bothers me as my family are amongst the many caught in the mess, huge shame :(

  13. Love the new curly look. Nice indeed.

    You've got a lot going on. I'm thinking of doing the A to Z challenge this April. Firt timer, a little excited.

  14. I'll be looking forward to all you're planning to do this year on your blog. I wish you all the best for all you plan to do.

    The one thing I would request for you to do is if you could help support my 'Give a book, Save our future' campaign which I launched on my blog on 02/01/12. It's a project very close to my heart and you may want to visit my blog for more details.

    Remain blessed.

  15. Happy New Year and New look. Funny, I am happy you are not sharing excerpts from your WIP any more, I read the first one and cant wait for the book to be released. Hope to win something in your giveaway this year. Keep up the good job and a wonderful 2012 to you

  16. wow,it all sounds interesting. Am hoping il be able to participate in some.

  17. Thank you so much Myne. That is great to know.
    I'll definitely prompt you when I come up with something.

  18. Happy new year Myne :D

    Now, it's been a while...pray and hope the strike palaver is addressed soon....just counting the kobo's i am missing per day oooo...ahahaha.[i joke]

    Good luck with the new plans for your blog, will definitely be visiting anytime i can like today...just can't resist your blog! :D

    Hmmm, about your new look....i prefer your braids.....just like the pics you gave us at the 'reading'.... it is YOU! take care sistah

  19. Hey! i forgot, i don't know where in festac i can get your lastest novel to buy...or can it be delivered to V.I?....take care.

  20. YAY! I'm so excited to read a comment from you Ibhade. How are you and family? I may go back to braid after this. I think I prefer it too. ALR can be found in that store where we met in Lekki. Thanks!

  21. Hi Myne, I prefer the braids!! (It's you that asked o) + please let gifts reach Nigeria, thank you!!

  22. Myne, do you do reviews?
    how about reviews of a few books by Nigerian authors (excluding yourself obviously!).
    You suggest a book, a week or 10 days later, you do a little bland review (as i imagine you would not want to rip into your colleagues),then your readers take it up from there.

    1. Hi Jakes, I've done a few reviews in the past, you can find them under the culture tab. I think I'll revive it using the model you've suggested and make it discussion based. Thanks for the suggestion.


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