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How to Raise Kids without Losing it - Pamela Evbota (Guest Author)

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Pamela Evbota is passionate about helping women discover their purpose and she blogs at Today, she shares with us some tips on purposeful parenting. Pamela is also an author, and her "Define Success on your Terms, 25 Simple Tips" is available on Amazon Kindle for $0.99. Her new book, ‘How to Raise Kids without loosing it’will be available  for online purchase this week via Creatspace as well as on Kindle. To win a free PDF copy of the book, leave a comment on this post sharing any tips on how you parent your own children, and still manage to stay sane. :) Enjoy Pamela's article...

Four Ways to Parent like a Small Business Owner

It is time to take parenting like a small business - with a strong desire to succeed and achieve desired success daily. Our modern day lives are daily bungled by various activities and we are pulled in several directions as mothers. The guilt is piling up about our inability to be at our kids’ school events as working mothers or the inability to sit and enjoy sweet nothing conversations with our kids. Parenting requires innovative ways and support to turn our feeling of being overwhelmed and inadequate to feeling strong as to what direction we want our lives to be.

Here are 4 supports pillars for the mum who desperately wants balance and support in her life.

1. A coach – To help you bring out the best in you. Your coach could be your mother, mother in law depending on your relationship with them. To me the best coach is God. He will help you through the tough times and stressful days of motherhood.
2. A mentor – Which you can emulate. The mentor could be your mum, a neighbour. It has to be someone you hold in high esteem and appreciate her parenting style.
3. An Accountability Partner – To keep you accountable on your plans and other life issues. Being a mother is not all there is to who you are. You need someone that can help to hold you accountable on other dreams that you might have. An accountability partner keeps you on track. We all need an accountability partner in our lives.
4. A Dream Circle – This is a circle of trusted friends that you dream with. Circle of friends that will cheer you on as you pursue your life purpose. They are there to help you achieve success in business or your job for being a mother is just a fraction of who you are.

You need a team in place as you go through the emergencies and unplanned situations of your life as a parent. A team experienced in various fields of emotions and advice, a team that will not let you down. Above all you need to be a strong willed person to survive the terrain of motherhood.

To Your Success,
Synopsis - Mothers, what is your identity outside of being a mother do you know what your identity is? Being a mother or a wife is loaded enough. Just top that with having a job or a business. All these roles can be pretty demanding and we are always expected to perform each task at 100%. The first step in keeping it altogether is knowing your strenghth and when to ask for support. ‘How to Raise kids without Loosing it’ is written in an everyday story manner where every reader can relate with the various situations as the writer herself.

How to Raise Kids without Losing it! will be available for purchase in Nigeria Dec 16. If you would like to pre order the book please also say so in the comments.


  1. Interestingly I just finished this fiction book 'Babyville' by Jane Green earlier today. I certainly noticed the importance of the 4 points you've mentioned in the lives of the characters.

    Another is 'appreciating the help your hubby/partner offers'. Even if he doesn't fix the pampers perfectly or measure out 4 exact level spoons of milk for his feed. The child wont die and best he'll be willing to help more.

  2. Wow, I certainly need that lol. No kids yet but I truly wonder how I will be able to handle a job a husband and kids, let alone time for family, some socializing etc. Seeing how easily other women manage it kind of scares me.
    I am already trying to balance my newly married life...

  3. Parenting is not easy but our parents made it look that way. It really can be likened to a small business. I liked all the support pillars you mentioned particularly the Dream circle. Sometimes motherhood overwhelms me, I forget that I had dreams before the kids came. A circle of friends would really help.

  4. Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for your comments. Being a mother is quite interesting there is really never a dull moment. But there are certainly days you want to loose yourself, your identity or even your mind. Those are the days our parents never really told us about.
    But i do know that when you become a mother you perfect the act of similing in the mist of chaos.
    But in all of these i never let go of my pillar of support team. Every woman mother or not need a team around her.

  5. Parenting is never easy from the word go... thanks for the insight. (Araceli)

  6. Any good tips on parenting is a good thing. Thank for sharing.

  7. Hi ladies,
    'How to Raise Kids Without Loosing it' is now on Kindle for $1.99.
    Please use this link to purchase a copy -

    A free Ebook version of the book has been won by Ginger. Please send your email to pamela@ladiesnetworingdotcom.

  8. Congratulations dear. You are a great inspiration.


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