Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn 1

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The book was supposed to be for teenagers, but it has since moved beyond that. Now we have grown women, including myself taking sides on team Edward or Team Jacob, a fictional vampire and a werewolf. SMH @ Myself. Anyway, who's seeing it this weekend?


  1. I AM OBSESSED!!! From the books to the movies, (Everything but the memorabilia) I am crazy about the Twilight Saga!!!!

    Lord knows I'm always the first person on the line for the premieres lol but I have prior commitments this weekend and have to see it next week. (dying feeling).

    For me, it's almost like watching a major football game, a month after everyone else has seen it.

    Can't wait to see pregnant Bella though

  2. i'ld love to see it. i've also become a fan

  3. I most def will, but not the week it opens. I dont like to see a movie with a teeming crowd; will wait until a week after, and see it as the last movie for the day!
    I also have the books. SmH at me too! Looooooooool.
    What can we do? We are also teenagers at heart.

  4. @Zouzou, true, lol... A good story will do that to you. It also happened with Harry Potter.

  5. Its not a bad thing to keep one's self young again but I've never truly liked the twilight series sha... #justsaying

    - LDP

  6. Have seen the the earlier three, and will probably see 'breaking dawn' somehow.
    Not/never been a fan. The high point of this year for me, was when Bella and Edward got Raspberry awards cause of their baad performance! Well deserved...lolss

  7. @LDP, I understand. I guess ir's not for everyone.

    @Ginger, did they? LOL... To be honest, I agree that Bella is not a very good actress, or maybe she's good, and that is what the character is? LOL...


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