Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How not to discipline a child - Judge's daughter releases video

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See, I was born and raised in Nigeria where corporal punishment is allowed from primary through secondary school and so I'm a bit immune to beatings (one major disadvantage of punishments). However, my parents only administered the cane when necessary, and there were never whips or belts flying around.

I recently read about how a daughter, now 23, released a video of her father, a judge, whipping her when she was 16. Mike's post on Sparing the Rod was fresh on my mind then and I couldn't help wincing as I watched the blows land on the girl. Why would parents do that to their own child? Why would you vent your anger on a child in the name of punishment? And the mother, telling the girl to take it like a grown woman. What grown woman would take that kind of beating from another person?

Judge William Adams beats daughter for using the internet - YouTube:

Now I believe in discipline for children, but I think one should be restrained when it comes to spanking, beating or whipping. And when the child is a teenager, there are surely other ways to correct or punish them in a less brutal and more rational manner? Sometimes, like in this video, it appears that the parent just wants to bully the child instead of training them in the way they should grow.

Apart from the beating, what also turned me off so much was the swearing. I just cannot stand cursing, and especially in front of children. The judge needs to wash his mouth with soap. The girl being beaten is 16 and a smaller child of less than 10 appeared at the beginning of the video too. What sort of example is that?

Well, with the outcry this video has gotten, I hope more people know how not to discipline a child. It really shouldn't hurt to be a child.


  1. This is painful to watch..and like you said, it shouldn't hurt to be a child. This is sad..

  2. This is not even funny. I'm so not watching. My parents never beat me (except in school...naija nau)but they still disciplined me. This is just sadism


  3. WOw! That was over the top.com...Yes my mum beat me on several occasions. Yes,I was miserable at those times, yet not of it comes close to what I just saw in the video!

  4. For Oyinbo people, I must say it is a shock but for we naija people, esp our generation there is nothing new to this. I read somewhere that the dude is not even showing any remorse.

  5. @Boma, it is so sad.

    @Muse Origins, Indeed, there is discipline, and then there is bullying. SMH

    @HoneyDame, thank God most of our parents did not go overboard with the power they had over us as children.

    @Lara, you're right. I hear the same too. But for me, it goes beyond the guy. The society is watching.

  6. very sad and terrible.
    in fact from 10 you stop spanking a child.

  7. Now that was brutal and very sad. The mother also didn't do well at all. I thought she would caution her hubby to take it easy on the girl, but she added pepper to the injury. I wouldn't be surprised if the girl turns out to be rebellious and spiteful of her folks.

    P.s: I wonder who captured it on camera.


  8. @Shorty and Tamuno, you speak my mind.

    @Che, the girl taped the video by secretly using webcam. And you're right, she's no longer on good terms with her father though she's forgiven her mother.

  9. I totally couldn't finish the video cuz those dudes actually took it too far. I was even expecting the mum to intervene but she just didn't show an ounce of motherly love at all.
    Some need children badly and you're doing this to the one you have.
    It's rather sad.

  10. I couldn't even bring myself to watch the video. Your description was more than enough for me. Shame on both parents. This is pure and simply abuse of power. So so sad.

  11. @Micheal, that was what I thought too, that the mother would stop it. I felt so let down when she joined in.

    @MsBuki, it's nothing some of us, especially Nigerians, haven't seen before but it doesn't make it right. Really sad.

  12. I have been whooped but definitely not like that.That was too much.

  13. Wow and when the woman came in I thought she'd come help calm things down. I didn't expect that from her at all.

  14. The father says he beat her cause she was caught stealing. I'd take that with a pinch of salt.

    He was certainly abusive. There is correction. there is punishment. and there is abuse, a punishment meted out in anger and with submission of will and self to the beater the ultimatum. That's what happened here.

    The mom sounded and acted like a stepford wife!

    but then again i would wonder at the deviousness of a daughter who recorded the beatings and releases it 7 yrs after. if she was an innocent seeking safety why didnt she run to a shelter or the police. Seems she has something to gain now...revenge, 2 mins of fame etc. Forgive my cynical self.


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