Saturday, October 8, 2011

Some more pictures from Las Vegas

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So, I was going through my Blackberry the other day and discovered so many pictures I had almost forgotten. During our road trip in the summer, my camera battery went off a few times and my BB had to do backup. Because I had like a gazillion pictures on the camera, I forgot these ones. They're not the best quality, and it seems I'm yet to figure out how to save the flipped ones, but hey...enjoy!
Arriving at our hotel

A wedding in Vegas - I didn't know they had bridesmaids and all that. Lovely train, I liked the popping red.

View from our window, gorgeous. We got a high room and good views. Our hotel was right at the top of the strip.

Wandering the hotels, this was at the Luxor - they had an Egyptian motif going on.

Just trying out the machines, I couldn't bear to dash them my money, LOL...

Inside the pyramid of the Luxor - looking down at the central exhibits

Another wedding, this looked more like what I had in mind - Bride and groom + two witnesses.

We were tempted to go in and renew our vows, just for the heck of it.

Fully booked :(

Outside the Luxor

Las Vegas at night

New York in Vegas

Someone loves NY

Before the Brooklyn bridge - the fake one. 

I ran a caption contest on FB and someone suggested Dance of Passion. Another nice one is Scent of a Dance

Las Vegas is truly beautiful by night...

Almost magical.

Have a great weekend, and see you with my WIP on Monday. Mwah!


  1. Lovely Pictures. I want to go to Las Vegas too :(

  2. LMAO...looks to me like we have something in common today. I uploaded a post today. You should check it out to see the similarity.
    Very bintiful pictures o! I can see from it that someborri had loads of fun

  3. Lovely photos Myne...gosh! I wish I were you right about now...

    Just awarded you, thanks for mine too...kiss kiss...check it out:

  4. You are enjoying tho!!! Looks like a fun trip!

  5. Weddings, pyramids, bright lights and more. Looks like a great time all-around.

  6. How nice! I want to go to Las Vegas too! Its so obvious u had lots of fun. Have a good month

  7. Great pics! I love Vegas for all the shows, but I hate losing money!

    We're moving to Seattle this week! :)

  8. Hi all, thanks so much for all the comments.We sure had fun, and now with Fall here, I remember those memories to keep me warm, lol...

    @HoneyDame and Duchess, will be checking out your blogs soon.

    @Sweetness, thank you dear.

    @Kmckendry, that's awesome. Maybe we can meet up one of these days?

  9. Las Vegas looks fun, I think am going there soon with the hubby but don't know yet...lovely Myne, that hair looks nice too.

  10. Lovely pics..
    Myme what happens in vegas suppose stay in vegas na..jk

    The weddings are for real ey?

    Have a wonderful weekend

  11. you posted some amazing
    pictures and great post n blog bdw come by n check awt my fashion blog n lets follow each other lyk twitter :)

  12. @Destiny, you'll surely enjoy it. :)

    @Gold, I know right? LOL...yes o, the weddings are real and recognized.

    @Chulala, thanks so much. Will check out your blog.

  13. Yea Las Vegas looks so beautiful at night.
    The pics are so lovely.
    And picture 5 got me laughing hard ;)

  14. Lol...@ JB I just couldn't.

  15. Fantastic pictures! I love Vegas and would like to go again.

    Have a great week.

  16. I'm loving your dress Myne..

    Las Vegas seems to be a pot pourri of other cities landmarks, except the casinos and marriage

  17. Happy new month to you, I gave you a tag, check it out. How have you been?

  18. Thank you Medeia, I wouldn't mind going again too.

    @Ginger, thank you dear. That's just what it is. You visit 5 cities and as many countries in a 2-mile strip.

    @Destiny, I'll be checking it out. Thanks.

  19. You see what i mean? You guy really know how to enjoy yourselves.Nice pictures Myne.So,did you win any money at the casino? Can we split? No?

  20. Haha!!! i went to Vegas in April, it was too much fun, i loved ur Caesars Palace pictures.... Good u had fun and i definitely stayed away from the machines


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