Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to support your Birthday author

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A friend on FB made that picture as a birthday card for me. Afronuts also gave me a Photoshop makeover. Thanks also to Harry and Mike for the shout outs. For those wondering what gift to give, follow these links or go to your nearest book retailer, online or in stores. :)

ALR - (USCanada or UK)
AHTM - (USCanada or UK)
Complete distribution in Nigeria

Teralyn of A Writer's Journey recently listed ways to support your favorite authors, and I knew this was especially important for me as an independent author who does not have the weight of a big-name publisher behind me. I always smile, part happiness and part disbelief, when I receive my sales reports. Who are all these people buying these books, and how did they hear? For sure, I wouldn't be where I am today - bestselling author, public speaker, budding publisher - if many of you had not done the following;
1. Recommended my books to book store owners and managers.
2. Recommended them to any book groups you’re in.
3. Recommended them to your Library staff.
4. Recommended them to your friends.
5. Bought the books at their full price. Without waiting or asking for free books or giveaways :)
6. Gave them ratings on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and Librarything. 
7. Posted that you read/liked/hated the books on Facebook, your blog, twitter, and any other online venue you can think of. Yes, yes yes! And you also liked my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter.
8. Sent me fan mail. Some of you also told me ways you thought I could improve. I love those.

I'll also like to make a request to everyone reading this. Pick out any of the above that you're in a position to do and do it now. Also, if you shop on Amazon,  and you've read my books, please leave a review? I'll really appreciate it.  I do not ask for positive reviews, just be honest. Even a one-star, as far as you state the specific reason you did not like the book is a good thing. It will make sure those buyers who want to avoid your peeve stay away from the book. That means one less person who doesn't like my book. Reviews on Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, Librarything, and other book communities are also welcome. Remember to show this love to other authors you also enjoy and want to support.

Thank you and have a great week!


  1. Okay! to think that I haven't bought your book is sheer laziness on my part. I'll get it and do a review on Amazon. You deserve more Myne

  2. Dusting my fingers, review time

  3. Yeah, these are super ways to say happy birthday! Happy belated to you, Myne! :o) <3


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