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Cancer Awareness Month - Raising Funds for Cancer Patients

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October is my birthday month (countdown to 26th, yay!) and is also usually the Cancer Awareness Month. To commemorate those who have passed from cancer, and those who still suffer, I was moved to feature a campaign to raise funds for cancer patients in Nigeria. 
Wana Udobang is collaborating with Sebeccly Cancer Care and Support Center (SCC) with the goal of raising funds for women diagnosed with breast cancer. 1K4Cancer stands for each donor giving a minimum of one thousand naira to the campaign.
1K4Cancer arises from the dire need to assist breast cancer patients who cannot afford treatment. The vision is that if one thousand people donate one thousand naira each, 1K4Cancer will successfully raise one million naira for breast cancer patients. The funds will go towards chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment for a few women who are currently under the care of SCC.

Dr. Lola Salako of the Sebeccly Cancer Care and Support Center notes;
The 1K4Cancer campaign is a fantastic opportunity to shed light on the financial challenges breast cancer patients face and raise funds for needy cancer patients. Together, we stand to help patients become survivors [...] letting them know they are not alone in their fight against breast cancer. We can help lots of women start and or complete their treatment. All proceeds of the 1K4Cancer Campaign go to breast cancer patients.”
Campaign Leader, Wana Udobang says “1K4Cancer campaign is an opportunity to show that there is power in every single one of us to change our society; in this situation, assisting women with their treatment, one thousand naira can contribute to turning around a breast cancer victim into a survivor. Together, we can raise one million and more!”
1K4Cancer will run throughout the month of October and will document monies raised via twitter. This information will also be available on the SCC website alongside photographs taken with individual and organizational donors.
Sebeccly Cancer Care and Support Center is an organization dedicated to ending breast cancer through the power of grassroots action and advocacy by providing information, support, and campaigning for improved standards of care for patients. SCC is for ladies seeking awareness, for breast cancer patients and for caregivers.
Wana Udobang is a writer and broadcaster; currently an On Air Personality on 92.3 Inspiration FM, she hosts the daily "Afternoon Drive" from 3pm to 7pm. She is also a contributing writer for Elan, BellaNaija, and several lifestyle magazines.
For more enquires on the campaign and on how to donate, please follow Wana on twitter, email -, visit - or call – 08090088922.
To donate into the SCC account
Sebeccly Cancer Care And Support Centre
Guarantee Trust Bank


  1. this is a wonderful post about breast awareness. I am an active volunteer and participate of our Breast Walk, 12 years. This year I have not found nor had to to seek an organization that supports awareness since moving to new state.
    I love your web decor. I also like that you have the Nigerian authors in your store. I seen a few I purchase during the new year.

  2. The 1k project is a great idea! I hope lots of people will support! Happy birthday in advance!

  3. Splendid idea, the 1k4cancer will definitely go along way to help, am sending

  4. I can't believe you are an October baby, really love that you are sharing the word on breast cancer, great post!

  5. Happy birthday in advance!!!

  6. Yay October babes...Great post on awareness

  7. YAY! another October 26th is here again. Glad and privileged to be your birthday mate! I love the awareness, people need to contribute to this cause.

  8. OCTOBER baby!!! Happy Bday and I am wishing you the best....I pray that God will establish you and spread your writing even more than you are doing the breast cancer awareness to all your readers..x

  9. really good of Wana. I read about it a some time back and i believe its a worthy cause...

  10. Cancer awareness is very important and i'm glad that people are taking it seriously.Well,i'm doing my bit sha.

  11. This is a great idea, I sure hope it raises more than that 1m target.

    HBD in advance Myne


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