Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blog awards still make my heart smile

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Yes, they do. In 2 years of blogging, I've gotten my fair share of awards. Still, each time someone thinks me worthy, it's new all over again. Melanie of Feather Pens, Tartan Dreams said; "this is my first visit to Myne’s blog. And I was impressed. A beautiful lady with lots to say. I subscribed immediately."
Thank you Melanie for joining my site and for the Versatile Blogger Award. I hope I have the chance to keep sharing my different facets with my readers.

- Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
- Share 7 things about yourself.
- Pass this Award along to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know about it!

Rule number one is sorted, so let's move on to the next. OK, I forgot to say that the danger of awards that ask me to talk about myself is that I may run out of stuff to say, LOL..but not yet.

1. I am the second of three sisters and one brother.
2. Thanks to a road trip last summer, I've now visited about 10 states in the US.
3. There are 5 cities I consider part of who I am, Enugu, Asaba, Abuja, Edinburgh and Seattle
4. Love for my husband is still shacking (intoxicating) me after 2 and half years of marriage.
5. I am TTC and I'm wondering if I'm out of my mind.
6. At just 5'1, I'm shorter than most people.
7. I try to exercise self control, but my sweet tooth gets the better of me most times.

Now to the tagging...I've come across several blogs recently, especially with the platform building campaign. The following are just a few whose writing keeps me going back for more. - Zouzou's Musings - Duchess discusses Disability - Angela Brown - Chritine Rains - Writer - Toinlicious Words - Medeia Sharif - Modulations - Life is what you make of it - Lola-Land: The re-invention - The Writing Reader - Ramblings of a Diva - An Eclectic Muse - Priscy's World - Ali Cross - Luciano's World


  1. aww you're 5'1? wont have guessed ever!
    what does TTC mean?

  2. 5 cities? This has to be the first time I have heard that. I guess you feel some sort of connection to each of them in a different way.

    Emmmm...What does TTC mean?

    Love for your husband is still shacking you? LOL! That made me smile. And may it always shack you.

  3. Thank you so very much for the recongnition. :-)

    I too am interesed in what TTC means? Hmmm...

  4. Thank you so much for the award. :)

    My sweet tooth is very controlling.

  5. Congratulations on your much deserved award! For some reason I imagined you a lot taller than 5'1 lol. But thank you soo much for sharing facts about yourself :]

  6. Thanks all for reading.

    TTC means trying to conceive.

    @carrymel, yeah most people never guess, I got big bones.

  7. Thanks a lot for the award............i ll keep the rules in mind.
    Its a wonderful thing that your husband is shacking you.lolThanks a lot for the award............i ll keep the rules in mind.
    Its a wonderful thing that your husband is shacking

  8. WOW! That's really nice info about you. Never would have known you were 5 1". Myne please check the link below for an award similar to this.

  9. Enugu is no 1 on that list of cities...yay us! Lol
    Whats TTC?
    And here was i thinking i was the shortest human. My hubby calls me a midget...a cute one i might add!

    I love your know this!

  10. @Luciano, you're welcome. I love your stories.

    @Mike, another award? Thanks a lot.

    @Hazel, awww...that's so nice to know. Thanks!

  11. congrats mine,seems like I'm taller than you *now running

  12. "Love for my husband is still shacking (intoxicating) me after 2 and half years of marriage" - AWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  13. @Gretel, if I catch you there, lol...

    @9jaFoodie, :)

  14. LMAo @ Hazel, midget bawo?!!! still cant stop Myne, you are 5"1? Never would have guessed o

  15. Congratulations on the award and thank you for passing it on to me! :) My sweet tooth gets the best of me most times too. I thought I was insane when I was TTC and I still wonder about that now with my son at 17 months old. Yet I'm very lucky I got such a wonderful and healthy child.

  16. Thanks for the award, Myne! It's posted on my blog:

  17. lol, 5'1...well i always kinda felt like you might be a shorty, just not that short.

    Good luck with ttc!

  18. @Honeydame, most people rarely do.

    @Christine, I'm hoping everything turns out well. Thank you for the encouragement.

    @Liz, glad you like it.

  19. OMG!! thanks Myne, so grateful for the award and all the comments on my blog, will do "justice" to the questions and follow the rules. as for the awards you"ve been getting, deserve everyone of it. God bless your sweet heart. I truly and really appreciate.

  20. Omg!!!! I won an award?? My eyes are so round I feel they would pop soon! Wow, I mean, me??...ok, am stammering here...thanks a mill, Myne. I really appreciate it.
    Would follow the rules and do the necessary soon.
    May that love continue to shack and shcak and shack you oh! :-)
    God bless!!

  21. wow 5.1 ! you always look taller than that to me in your picures. i am trying to imagine you standing beside Atala.

    May your love continue to shack each other.

    As per TTC, I am sure it will all fall into place soon.. (huggs)

  22. You look taller in pictures Myne!

    My sweet tooth is also legendary, I've been known to attack the biscuit jar at 1am!

    I pray love for Mr Lashes continues to shack me when we get married oooo

    Good luck with the conceiving and congratulations on your award.

  23. I want love to shack me forever toooo.

    All the best with the TTC effort. You will see results very soon. Amen

  24. WOOOW!!! I didn't even know you read my stories! I'm so delighted, scratch that, overjoyed! Thank you. I shall do mine soonest, it doesn't have to be just new blogs does it?

    I love that you are so in love with your husband, your baby is coming God's time. My own sweet tooth is renowned too. x

  25. OMG! thanx Myne, i reaaally appreciate #getting ready for my Oscar like appreciation speech#

    So, er erm 5.1 huh? i shuld come and hug you with all of my 5.7

  26. Thank you all so much, and I say Amen and Amen to all the good wishes.

  27. congratulations you truly do deserve the awards and i must say i also imagined you taller than 5'1

  28. congratulations on your blog award!

  29. Loling at love shacking. That's my prayer too o... for the rest of our lives!

    Whats TTC ma?

    COngrats :)

    - LDP

  30. Congratulations...

    You, my friend, deserve ALL blog awards.

    Exceptional writer and always, always filled with substance in your post.

    Classy blogger, indeed.

  31. hey Myne! Or is it Mine? I happened not to be in your list of blogs...why is that? You'd better start following me oooo! Lol...just joking...Sister, I'm proud of you. Keep on doing your thing but watch out for me, because I'm getting ready to take over the literary world!

  32. @Stanley, I look forward to it, all the best!


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