Friday, September 23, 2011

Abia gang rape suspect identified – Nigerian Minister

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This is the best news I've read on this matter since it broke.
"The minister said, “More than 70 per cent of the information we have on the rape will not be said here for obvious security reasons. But I can tell you we have information on it.
“The girl is not a student of Abia State University. She was raped in an off-campus residential area of students.
“One of them (suspects) has been identified conclusively.”
Although the faces of the rapists are not seen in the video, the minister said the National Human Rights Commission was on top of the situation.
He said, “Some legal experts have told us that it may be difficult to convict the rapists because the video does not reveal the face of the victims.
“The National Human Rights Commission is working with the Ministry of Youth Development. The commission, which is headed by a competent lawyer, is on top of this case.
“This is law, if we can not press for rape, there are other charges that we can press. I can assure you that justice will be done.”"
Read the full report: The Punch:: Gang rape suspect identified – Minister

It appears the Punch Newspapers have taken up the story and you can get a lot of information on their website.
House of Reps ask IG to find perpetrators 
Women groups are mobilising for legal battle

There are some less reliable reports out there, like 24/7 that lists names as "perpetrators" when it should rightly be suspects. Their names and FB pages were then circulated on twitter to serious backlash. In actual fact, those are persons of interest, some of who may have come forward, willing to help police investigations. If you have passed on the wrong initial report, please do post a retraction.

On a final note, I know we're all charged up about this case, I am too. But when we want to avoid flash in the pan reactions that may boomerang, we should allow due process to take its course. By so doing, our police, civil society and judicial system can learn, and build their muscles, and proper structures can then be embedded for the long run.



  1. hTHis is probably the best write-up i have read about the rape....I love your writings

  2. This is good news indeed. One down, four to go!!!
    I hope they really do pay and this is not just talk on the part of The National Human Rights Commision AND the Ministry of Youth Development AND the Nigerian judicial system. They better not disappoint!

  3. @Dayor, thanks for reading. I try, :)

    @MsBuki, I hope so too. I'm sure finding the others will be much easier.

  4. One suspect has been identified conclusively? That's really great news Myne. I saw the 247u link, my knee jerk response was of course joy before i thought better of it. Hopefully no innocent life will be lost before investigations are concluded.

  5. Thanks Ginger, your hope is same as mine.

  6. Wow, I hope this is for real o, not that they are trying to silence the outcries of people.

    I just checked out the 24/7 site. I checked one of the facebook pages they pasted (that of Timi El-zakri), I realised that we have some friends in common and from what I could gather, he is a proper lagos boy, not ABSU.
    Peple should stop picking random facebook profiles and pasting the links jo

  7. I really do hope they get those beasts and i pray people are not passing on wrong information.

    I just read that the Ifeanyi person that has been circulating as one of the five is infact not a suspect in the case.

    Lets all be careful please. Good job Myne.

  8. This is great news! I am sure they will find a way to prosecute them by the law. GOOD NEWS for Nigeria! Good news for the youth!

    - LDP


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