Saturday, August 6, 2011

Myne Whitman Presents -

Posted in: is the premier online community & portal providing parenting news, articles, resources and support for Naija moms, moms-to-be and dads everywhere. Some features include:

Ages and Stages – read insightful articles on parenting stages (baby, pregnancy, pre-conceoption, toddler, empty-nesters etc) and access resources (baby names database, pregnancy calculator and more)

Forum – get and share advice about everything (e.g. baby feeding, pregnancy comfort tips, sex, potty-training and more).

9ja Mom Blogosphere - 9ja Mom bloggers are moms just like you, sharing their insights and discoveries about parenting, tidbits on organization, healthy living and more!

9ja Mom Groups - join a group based on shared interest (e.g. breastfeeding, reading, arts & crafts, working-moms, stay-at-home moms, fashion, food) or location.

Giveaways – in partnership with sponsors, we periodically give away great gifts we know our members will love.

Product Reviews and 9ja Mom Shop - begin here for list of products recommended by Naija moms for a baby shower gift or personal items. Shop directly on our website for products.

9ja Mom Market – is a listing of businesses that give members-only discounts.


  1. Hey Myne, hope your arm's healing nicely. Tried to go on 9jamom, but you need to sign in just to view it? This naija mom isn't down with that. I think they need to fix it, especially if they are hoping for people to actually buy anything through their website. Similar websites let you browse without having to sign in or register, why is theirs different?

  2. ohhhhh,this is so not for I'm not even married oh,but this is a good one,myne is it also here website???
    happy weekend,how's the arm and Atala?

  3. Thank you Joxy and Gretel, arms doing well and things are otherwise peachy.

    @Joxy, I'll talk to the naijamom and see what she says.

  4. I believe your arm is healing well already! Just take things easy!

    I like the 9jamom concept. About time we have a forum for 9ja Moms ;)

  5. like it...continue to get well o:)

  6. This sounds good, I can learn some stuffs for future use. Hope you're getting better.

  7. Thank you all, I also hope the hand is getting better, the pain is almost gone.

  8. That's good news for 9ja moms out there.Meanwhile,how's the arm healing? It better be fast o.LOL

  9. You have to join to read? Drats!

    Signing up now...

  10. great idea! wished we didnt have to log in before seeing anything on the site. i hope they can fix this.

  11. Thank you all, they'll be launching an open portal soon. And I've seen some of you over there already. Thanks!

  12. Hey Myne, thanks again for the promo and support.

    All, thank you for the great comments and feedback.

    @Dee! & Natural Nigerian – thanks for signing up! Please share your opinions about (much appreciated in advance). Thanks!

    @justjoxy, aloted, I can completely understand your reservations about signing-up without a preview. You will be happy to know that the open portal will be launching soon. This initial launch focused on the Community (i.e. forum, blogs, etc) which will remain closed to maintain members’ privacy (profiles/postings).

    In the meantime, I’d encourage all who have interest to sign-up – if you already have a Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo account (which most of us do), signing-up is really easy. I know the ease of signing-up isn’t the issue, but I wanted to highlight that convenience.

    In addition,you are not obligated to remain a member of the site if you do not wish to do so (although I can guarantee you that won’t be the case ;)).

    Please feel free to drop me a note at 9jamom AT 9jamom DOT com.

    9ja Mom


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